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The line separating a scramble from a hike is often blurred, but the following trips offer easy trail and/or offtrail hikes with little or no routefinding and scrambling. This list reflects hikes in Canada appearing in books as well as a few I've done without benefit of a route description.
Albert, Mount Castle Wilderness
Allan, Mount Kananaskis
Akamina Ridge Waterton Lakes
Allsmoke Mountain Kananaskis
Arethusa Pass Kananaskis
Association Hill Kananaskis
Barrier Lake Lookout Kananaskis
Belmore Browne Peak Kananaskis
Ben's Hill Kananaskis
Berg Lake, (backpack) Mount Robson Park, B.C.
Bishop Ridge, East Peak Kananaskis
Black Mountain Whaleback Area
Bluerock Knob Kananaskis
Black Rock Mountain Kananaskis
Blue Hill Fire Lookout Sundre
Bow Peak Banff National Park
Boundary Peak Kananaskis
Bull Creek Hills Kananaskis
Burke, Mount Kananaksis
Byron Hill Crowsnest Pass
C-Level Cirque Banff
Carbondale Hill Kananaskis
Castle Lookout Banff National Park
Cat Creek Hills Kananaskis
Clubs Peak Crowsnest Pass
Coliseum Mountain David Thompson Highway
Collembola, Mount Kananaskis
Cornwall, Mount Kananaskis
Cox Hill Kananaskis
Death's Head Kananaskis
Devil's Thumb Banff National Park
Dry Island Buffalo Jump Dry Island Buffalo Jump
Dyson, Mount Kananaskis
Eagle Hill Kananaskis
Elpoca Creek Hill Kananaskis
Entrance Ridges Kananaskis
East Ridge of Panorama Banff National Park
Exshaw Mountain Kananaskis
Exshaw Ridge Kananaskis
Fairview Mountain Banff National Park
Fisera Ridge Kananaskis
Fly Hill Oldman River Area
Ford Knoll Kananaskis
Forgetmenot Ridge and Mountain Kananaskis
Forked Ridge Kananaskis
Fortress Ridge Kananaskis
Forum Peak Waterton Lakes
French Creek Kananaskis
Gardner's Ridge Kananaskis
Grassi Knob Kananaskis
Green Mountain Kananaskis
Grizzly Ridge Kananaskis
Grotto Mountain Kananaskis
Gunnery Mountain Kananaskis
Hanging Glacier Lake Invermmere
Hell's Ridge Kananaskis
High Noon Hills Kananaskis
Highwood Ridge Kananaskis
Hoffman, Mount Kananaskis
Hoffman Hill Kananaskis
Horse Thief Canyon Drumheller
Horseshoe Canyon Drumheller
Horton Hill Kananaskis
Hunchback Hills Kananaskis
Indian Graves Ridge Kananaskis
Indian Oils Hills Kananaskis
Ironstone Lookout Kananaskis
Island Ridge Crowsnest Pass
Mount James Walker Kananaskis
Jumbo Pass Invermere
Jumpingpound Mountain Kananaskis
Junction Hill Kananaskis
Kent Ridge North Summit Kananaskis
Kindersley Pass - Sinclair Loop Kootenay
King Creek Ridge Kananaskis
Lake of the Hanging Glacier Invermere, B.C.
Lawson, South End Kananaskis
Lesueur Ridge Kananaskis
Little Arethusa Kananaskis
Lineham Ridge Kananaskis
Lipsett, Mount Kananaskis
Livingstone Ridge, South End Crowsnest Pass
Long Prairie Ridge Kananaskis
Lost Lake Kananaskis
Macabee Ridge Kananaskis
Mackay Hills Kananaskis
Mann, Mount Kananaskis
McConnell Point Kananaskis
McGillivray Creek Kananaskis
McGillivary Ridge Crowsnest Pass
McLean Hill Kananaskis
Mesa Butte Kananaskis
Missinglink Mountain Kananaskis
Mist Mountain Kananaskis
Mist Ridge Kananaskis
Mockingbird Lookout Kananaskis
Moose Mountain Kananaskis
Mount St. Piran Banff National Park
Muleshoe Ridge Banff National Park
Mustang Hills Kananaskis
Nigel Pass Icefields Parkway
Nihah Ridge, South Summit Kananaskis
Nomad, Mount Kananaskis
Odlum Ridge Kananaskis
Old Baldy Kananaskis
Ole Buck Mountain Kananaskis
Opal Ridge South Peak Kananaskis
Opal Ridge South Traverse Kananaskis
Orphan, The Kananaskis
Parorama, East Ridge Lake Louise
Prairie Bluff Castle Wilderness
Prairie Mountain Kananaskis
Pasque Mountain Kananaskis
Pigeon Mountain Kananaskis
Pig's Back Kananaskis
Plateau Mountain Kananaskis
Pocaterra Ridge Kananaskis
Powderface Ridge Kananaskis
Porcupine Ridge Kananaskis
Promised Land Crowsnest
Rainy Summit Ridge Kananaskis
Ranger Hill Kananaskis
Raspberry Ridge Kananaskis
Read's Tower Kananaskis
Red Peak Kananaskis
Red Ridge Kananaskis
Ridge 735663 Kananaskis
Sandy McNabb Hills Kananaskis
Sanson Peak Banff National Park
Saskatoon Mountain Crowsnest Pass
Sentinel Peak Kananaskis
Seventy Buck Viewpoint Kananaskis
Sinnot Hill Kananaskis
South Mist Hills Kananaskis
Spades Peak Crowsnest Pass
Stimson Creek Hills Kananaskis
Stony Ridge (aka StonyCat Ridge) Kananaskis
Strawberry Hills Kananaskis
Taiga Viewpoint Kananaskis
Tallon Peak Crowsnest Pass
Taylor Lake Banff National Park
Tent Mountain Crowsnest Pass
Tent Ridge Kananaskis
Three Isle Lake (backpack) Kananaskis
Three Sisters Fernie
Three Sisters Pass Kananaskis
Tuff Puff David Thompson Highway
Two Mine Ridge Crowsnest Pass
Ridge 735660 Kananaskis
Upper Canyon Peaks 427439 and 436425 Kananaskis
Vents Ridge Kananaskis
Victoria Ridge Castle Wilderness
Vimy Peak Waterton
Volcano Ridge Kananaskis
Ware, Mount Kananaskis
Wasootch Peak Kananaskis
Wasootch Ridge Kananaskis
West Coast Trail (backpack) Pacific Rim Park, B.C.
Wedge Mountain Crowsnest Pass
Whistler Mountain Castle Wilderness
Wilkinson Ridge Kananaskis
Willow Creek Hills Chain Lakes
Wind Ridge Kananaskis
Windtower Kananaskis
Windy Peak Kananaskis
Windy Point Ridge and Gleason Ridge Kananaskis
Writing-on-Stone Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park
Zephyr Creek Kananaskis