The line separating a scramble from a hike is often blurred, but the following trips offer easy trail and/or offtrail hikes with little or no routefinding and scrambling. This list reflects hikes in Canada appearing in books as well as a few I've done without benefit of a route description. The list is sortable: click Name, Region or Elevation.
Name Region Elevation (m)
Adair Ridge Porcupine Hills 1796
Akamina Ridge Waterton National Park 2580
Albert, Mount Beauvais Lake Provincial Park 1693
Allan, Mount Kananaskis Valley 2819
Allsmoke Mountain Kananaskis, Gorge Creek Road 2105
Antelope Butte Crowsnest Pass 1641
Arctic Hill Kananaskis, Sheep River 1547
Arethusa Pass Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2770
Arnica Ridge Banff National Park 2315
Association Hill Kananaskis, Bow Valley 1938
Asulkan Valley Trail Glacier National Park 2122
Baldy Ridge Kananaskis, Highwood Area 21652
Baldy South Peak Kananaskis Valley 2187
Banded Peak Connector Bench Bragg Creek Provincial Park 1414
Barrier Lake Lookout (Yates Mountain) Kananaskis Valley 1996
Barwell, Mount Kananaskis, Highway 549 1904
Barwell East Hills Kananaskis, Highway 549 1668
Beaverdam Ridge Bob Creek Wildland 1677
Beehive, The Banff National Park, Lake Louise 2263
Belmore Browne Peak Kananaskis, Powderface Trail 2446
Ben's Hill Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 1927
Berg Lake, (backpack) Mount Robson Park, B.C. 1646
Bishop Ridge, East Peak Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2345
Black Mountain Whaleback Area 1665
Black Prince Lake Kananaskis, Smith-Dorrien Trail 2336
Black Rock Mountain Kananaskis, The Ghost 2497
Blue Hill Fire Lookout Ya Ha Tinda 1987
Bluerock Knob Kananaskis, Sheep River 2005
Boundary Peak Kananaskis, Powderface Trail 2440
Boundary Pine Kananaskis, Highwood Junction 1869
Boundary Ridge West Bragg 1604
Bow Peak Banff National Park, Icefields Parkway 2889
Brown-Lowery Loop Brown-Lowery Provincial Park 1426
Bull Creek Hills Kananaskis, Highwood Junction 2167
Buller Creek Peak Kananaskis, Smith-Dorrien Trail 2698
Burke, Mount Kananaskis, South End 2540
Byron Hill Crowsnest Pass 1849
C-Level Cirque Banff National Park 2223
Canyon Creek Ice Cave Kananaskis, West Bragg 1742
Carbondale Hill Castle Provincial Park 1810
Carry Ridge Kananaskis, Sheep River 1543
Castle Lookout Banff National Park 2011
Cat Creek Hills Kananaskis, Highwood Junction 2148
Chinook North Ridge Crowsnest Pass 2357
Clubs Peak Crowsnest Pass 1945
Coliseum Mountain David Thompson Highway 2035
Collembola, Mount Kananaskis Valley 2748
Cornea Ridge Kananaskis, South End 2071
Cornwall, Mount Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 3002
Cox Hill Kananaskis, Powderface Trail 2217
Cummings Ridge Kananaskis, South End 2407
Death's Head Kananaskis, Gorge Creek Trail 1730
Deer Ridge Kananaskis, Sibbald Creek Trail 1698
Devil's Thumb Banff National Park, Lake Louise 2467
Diamond T Loop Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 1536
Diana Lake Invermere, B.C. 2161
Dry Island Buffalo Jump Dry Island Buffalo Jump 835
Dyson, Mount Kananaskis, Sheep River 1779
Eagle Hill Kananaskis, Sibbald Creek Trail 1734
Elpoca Creek Hill Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2497
Exshaw Mountain Kananaskis, Bow Valley 1783
Exshaw Ridge Kananaskis, Bow Valley 2232
Fairview Mountain Banff National Park, Lake Louise 2747
Fisera Ridge Kananaskis Valley 2420
Fly Hill Oldman River Area 2000
Foran Grade Kananaskis, Sheep River 1685
Ford Knoll Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 1833
Forgetmenot Ridge and Mountain Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 2335
Forgetmenot Ridge North Summit Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 2246
Forked Ridge Kananaskis, Sheep River 1638
Fortress Ridge Kananaskis, Smith-Dorrien Trail 3024
Forum Peak Waterton National Park 2421
French Creek Kananaskis, Smith-Dorrien Trail 2530
Galatea Lakes Kananaskis Valley 2240
Gardner's Ridge Kananaskis, Hwy. 532 1804
Glasgow Hill Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 1946
Gleason's Meadow Hill Kananaskis, Gorge Creek Trail 1700
Grassi Knob Kananaskis, Canmore 2175
Great Glacier Trail Glacier National Park 1586
Green Mountain Kananaskis, Sheep River 1837
Greenhill Ridge Crowsnest Pass 1783
Greenview Ridge Ghost Public Land Use Zone 1778
Grizzly Peak Kananaskis Valley 2476
Grizzly Ridge Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2714
Grotto Mountain Kananaskis, Canmore 2726
Grouse Ridge Kananaskis, Sibbald Creek Trail 1746
Guinn's Peak Kananaskis Valley 2619
Gunnery Mountain Kananaskis, Highwood Junction 2092
Gypsum Quarry Kananaskis Lakes 2140
Hanging Glacier Lake Invermmere, B.C. 2188
Healy Pass Banf National Park 2359
Hell's Ridge (North End) Kananaskis, Highwood Junction 2084
Hell's Ridge (South End) Kananaskis, Highwood Junction 1939
High Noon Hills Kananaskis,Sheep River 1530
Highwood South Peak Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2574
Hoffmann, Mount Kananaskis, Sheep River 2016
Hoffman Hill Kananaskis, Sheep River 1770
Horse Thief Canyon Drumheller 780
Horsefly Hill Racehorse Creek Provincial Recreation Area 1875
Horseshoe Canyon Drumheller 872
Horton Hill Kananaskis Valley 1725
Hummingbird Plume Lookout Kananaskis Valley 1887
Hunchback Hills Kananaskis, Powderface Trail 2104
Iceline Summit Yoho National Park 2268
Indian Graves Ridge Kananaskis, Hwy. 532 1756
Indian Oils Hills Kananaskis, Sheep River 1981
Ironstone Lookout Crowsnest Pass 2070
Island Ridge Crowsnest Pass 1817
Jack's Hill and Jill's Hill Kananaskis, Highway 549 1550
Jumbo Pass Invermere 2350
Jumpingpound Mountain Kananaskis, Powderface Trail 2247
Junction Hill Kananaskis, Highwood Junction 2244
Kananaskis Lookout Kananaskis Valley 2118
Kent North Peak Kananaskis, Smith-Dorrien Trail 2914
Kindersley Pass - Sinclair Loop Kootenay National Park 2695
King Creek Ridge Kananaskis Valley 2423
Lawson, South End Kananaskis Valley 2834
Lesueur Ridge Kananaskis, Waiparous 1644
Lineham Ridge Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2511
Lipsett, Mount Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2493
Little Arethusa Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2768
Long Prairie Ridge Kananaskis, Sheep River 1535
Lost Lake Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 2027
Lusk Pass Kananaskis Valley  
Macabee Ridge Kananaskis, Sheep River 1638
Mackay Hills Kananaskis Valley 2432
Mann, Mount Kananaskis, Highwood Junction 1905
Maverick Hill Castle Provincial Park 1937
McConnell Point Kananaskis 1774
McGillivray Creek Kananaskis 1966
McGillivary Ridge Crowsnest Pass 2367
McLean Hill Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 1720
Mesa Butte Kananaskis, Highway 549 1698
Midnight Peak Kananaskis Valley 2348
Missinglink Mountain Kananaskis, Gorge Creek Road 1938
Mist Mountain Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 3143
Mist Ridge Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2547
Mockingbird Lookout Ghost Public Land Use Zone 1904
Mohawk Hill Crowsnest Pass 1840
Moose Mountain Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 2437
Mountain View Hill Kananaskis, West Bragg 1530
Muleshoe Ridge Banff National Park 2269
Muley Ridge Kananaskis, Sheep River 1580
Mustang Hills Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 1843
Nameless Ridge Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2485
Nigel Pass Banff National Park, Icefields Parkway 2240
Nihah Ridge, South Summit Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 2355
Nomad, Mount Kananaskis Lakes 2543
North Bragg Loop Kananaskis, West Bragg 1640
Okotos Mountain Turner Valley 1580
Odlum Ridge Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2504
Old Baldy Kananaskis Valley 2380
Ole Buck Mountain Kananaskis, Sibbald Creek Trail 1719
Olympic Summit Kananaskis Valley 2501
Opal Ridge South Peak Kananaskis Valley 2607
Opal Ridge South Traverse Kananaskis Valley 2607
Orphan, The Kananaskis, Smith-Dorrien Trail 2614
Packenham Junior Kananaskis Valley 2204
Panorama East Ridge Banff National Park, Lake Louise 2553
Paradise Trail Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area 1287
Pasque Mountain Kananaskis, South End 2551
Philosopher's Knoll Banff National Park 1533
Picklejar Lakes Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2175
Pigeon Mountain Kananaskis, Canmore 2425
Pig's Back Kananaskis, Smith-Dorrien Trail 2433
Piggy Plus Col and Piggy Minus Kananaskis, Smith-Dorrien Trail 2550
Plateau Mountain Kananaskis, South End 2507
Pocaterra Ridge Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2688
Poker Peak Castle Provincial Park 1937
Powderface Ridge Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 2212
Porcupine Ridge Kananaskis Valley 2111
Prairie Bluff Castle Provincial Park 2240
Prairie Mountain Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 2210
Promised Land Crowsnest Pass 2415
Ptarmigan Cirque Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2434
Quirk Ridge Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 1980
Racehorse Creek Hill Racehorse Creek Provincial Recreation Area 1931
Rainy Summit Ridge Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 2130
Ranger Hill Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 1718
Raspberry Ridge Kananaskis, South End 2373
Raven's End Kananaskis, Canmore 1880
Read's Tower Kananaskis, Smith-Dorrien Trail 2662
Red Peak Kananaskis, Smith-Dorrien Trail 2789
Red Ridge Kananaskis, Smith-Dorrien Trail 2647
Ridge 735663 Kananaskis, South End 2409
Running Rain Lake North Ridge Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2430
Running Rain Lake South Ridge Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2315
St. Piran, Mount Banff National Park, Lake Louise 2633
Sand Bluff Porcupine Hills 1772
Sandy McNabb Hills Kananaskis, Sheep River 1505
Sanson Peak Banff National Park, Banff Townsite 2298
Saskatoon Mountain Crowsnest Pass 1823
Sentinel Peak Kananaskis, South End 2376
Seventy Buck Viewpoint Kananaskis, Powderface Trail 1762
Shell Hill Kananaskis, Powderface Trail  
Sinnot Hill Kananaskis, Highway 549 1519
Snagmore Hill Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 1560
South Mist Hills Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2452
Spades Peak Crowsnest Pass 1999
Stanley Glacier Kootenay National Park 2390
Star Creek Hill Crowsnest Pass 1816
Stimson Creek Hills Kananaskis, Hwy. 532 1630
Stoney Squaw Mountain Banff National Park, Banff Townsite 1900
Stony Ridge (aka StonyCat Ridge) Kananaskis, Highwood Junction 2213
Storelk East Ridge Kananaskis, Highwood Pass 2443
Strawberry Hills Kananaskis, Highwood Junction 1968
Sulphur Springs - Riverview Loop Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 1675
Sundance Canyon Banff National Park 1496
Swany's Ridge Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 1918
Table Mountain Castle Provincial Park 2231
Taiga Viewpoint Kananaskis Lakes 2358
Tallon Peak Crowsnest Pass 1850
Taylor Lake Banff National Park 2065
Tent Mountain Crowsnest Pass 2202
Tent Ridge Kananaskis, Smith-Dorrien Trail 2535
Three Isle Lake (backpack) Kananaskis Lakes 2200
Three Sisters Fernie 2788
Three Sisters Pass Kananaskis Lakes 2270
Timbit Hill#timbit Kananaskis, Sibbald Creek Trail 1562
Tunnel Mountain Banff National Park 1690
Tuff Puff David Thompson Highway 2316
Two Mine Ridge Crowsnest Pass 1936
Two Pines Bragg Creek 1482
Upper Canyon Peaks 427439 and 436425 Kananaskis, Powderface Trail 2347
Vents Ridge Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 1801
Victoria Ridge Castle Provincial Park 2529
Vimy Peak Waterton National Park 2382
Vision Quest David Thompson Highway 2097
Volcano Ridge Kananaskis, Gorge Creek Road 2135
Ware, Mount Kananaskis, Gorge Creek Road 2124
Warspite North Ridge Kananaskis, Smith-Dorrien Trail 2468
Wasootch Peak Kananaskis Valley 2362
Wasootch Ridge Kananaskis Valley 2310
West Coast Trail (backpack) Pacific Rim Park, B.C. 132
Wedge Mountain Crowsnest Pass 1923
Whaleback Peak Bob Creek Wildland 1778
Whiskey Hill Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 1717
Whistler Mountain Castle Provincial Park 2204
Wildhorse Ridge Kananaskis, Elbow Valley 1656
Willow Creek Hills Chain Lakes 1804
Willow Creek Knoll Kananaskis, Hwy. 532 1659
Wind Ridge Kananaskis, Bow Valley 2202
Windtower Kananaskis, Smith-Dorrien Trail 2687
Windy Peak Kananaskis, Hwy. 532 2244
Windy Point Ridge and Gleason Ridge Kananaskis, Sheep River 1803
Writing-on-Stone Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park 920
Zephyr Creek Kananaskis, Highwood Junction 1975