Forgetmenot Ridge and Mountain
Kananaskis Country Trail Guide, Vol 2
September 2, 2008

With cool temperatures and snow coming to the mountains we settled on hiking up Forgetmenot Ridge and Forgetmenot Mountain. The route unfolds as it is described in the guide book. We walked over the suspension bridge but after that we deviated slightly from the book by keeping left, by the river bank and in the sunshine. Then we caught an old road that took us into the trees and onto the main trail.

In a short time, we came to the cairn marking the trail up Forgetmenot Ridge. The trail ascends steeply without respite until it reaches an open ridge. After that, the grade levels and the trail ends. We followed the open ridge toward the summit which is called Old Forgetmenot.

After reaching the summit, we continued along the ridge, losing nearly 150 m in the process, to climb Forgetmenot Mountain. The book says the summits are of equal height. We were hoping that for the added effort, Forgetmenot Mountain would be higher. It wasn't the case: our GPS units showed Forgetmenot Mountain was lower than Old Forgetmenot by ten metres.

Nonetheless, Forgetmenot Mountain provided great views of Bluerock Mountain, Mount Rose and Threepoint Mountain. We spent forty minutes on the summit, most of it spent in a fruitless search for the cave mentioned in the book, before heading back.

I was expecting a monotonous hike but for some reason – perhaps it was the wide-open vistas – Forgetmenot Ridge turned out to be a memorable experience.

KML Track

Heading to the end of Forgetmenot Ridge (skyline) where we'll start our ascent.

Harebell covered in frost: Record lows were reported in a few places in
Southern Alberta the previous night.

Hiking up the ridge we came across a tree with rocks hanging from it.

Quirk Ridge

Several of these birds, probably red crossbills, were busy feeding on pine cones. Mouse over
any to enlarge.

The northernmost summit is left but we didn't bother doing it.

Nahahi Ridge fills the background.

The trail ends at a cairn.

Dinah reaches the cairn. Behind it is the ridge we followed.

We head to Old Forgetmenot.

The summit of Old Forgetmenot is near the point on the left.

The trail heads up the left side of a minor cliff band.

Climbing up the rock band

We continue our walk to the summit.

I check out some interesting rocks. Mouse over for the reverse view.

A great deal of annoying loose, jagged rocks before the summit.

Banded Peak, Outlaw Peak, Mount Cornwall and Mount Glasgow on the skyline

On the broad summit of Old Forgetmenot

Starting out for Forgetmenot Mountain

Looking back at Old Forgetmenot as we ascend Forgetmenot Mountain

Threepoint Mountain

Bluerock Mountain, Mount Rose and Threepoint Mountain

Hiking to the summit

On the summit

Summit view from Forgetmenot Mountain

82 J/15 Bragg Creek

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