View from HIghwood Ridge

Grizzly and Highwood Ridges
Kananaskis, Alberta
September 20, 2008

On the last day of summer, I joined Sonny and Kelly to climb a couple of minor peaks. After parking at the Little Highwood Pass day-use parking lot, we hiked to Grizzly Col. Here we left the crowds behind as we ascended the west slope of Grizzly Ridge. After reaching the ridge we headed to the high point. Given the trail from the col to the summit, this must be a popular destination.

After a relaxing stay, we set off for Highwood Ridge a short distance away. Although it entails losing 100m of elevation, it was an easy traverse on the connecting ridge. There are some scrambling bits along the way – more if one stays close to the ridge. Sonny and I made an adventure out of climbing the high points, but most of the scrambling could be avoided by staying on the right.

From the summit on Highwood Ridge the south ridge looked like a pleasant ridge walk but it would leave us far from the parking lot. Instead, we headed down the north ridge but abandoned it before reaching the treeline to plunge down the east slope, making a beeline back to the car. Given the bushwhacking and steep slopes, it probably would have been better to follow the north ridge all the way to the trail.

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KML and GPX Tracks

Tarn on the way to Pocaterra Cirque

Looking back at the trail

Sonny and Kelly coming up the trail. Mount Pocaterra and Pocterra Ridge in the background.

Grizzly Ridge and Grizzly Col

Kelly and Sonny hiking up from Grizzly Col. Mount Tyrwhit behind.

The summits of Grizzly (centre) and Highwood Ridges (right)

Grizzly Ridge Summit

Kelly hikes along the ridge.

Looking back from the summit at Sonny

On the summit of Grizzly Ridge

Sonny and Kelly head down from the summit

Heading to Highwood Ridge

Paradise Valley below

Paradise Valley lies between Highwood and Grizzly Ridges

Sonny and Kelly on a high point. In the background: Ptarmigan Cirque and Mount Rae
(mouse over).

Sonny at the Highwood-Grizzly col

Sonny poses on a high point (mouse over). Grizzly Ridge on the left.

On the summit of HIghwood Ridge

Mist Mountain and Mount Lipsett

Storm Mountain

Mount Arethusa

We started down this ridge. Gap Mountain on the left (mouse over for a close up).

Looking back at Highwood Ridge as we descend the north ridge

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