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View west from Windy Point Ridge

Foran Grade and Windy Point Ridge
Kananaskis, Alberta
March 14, 2009

Foran Grade and Windy Point Ridge are rather small peaks in the front range. When hiked separately they are considered half-day trips. But when done together, some of it in deep snow and starting nearly two km from the trailhead, it's still a half-day trip!

Since HWY 546 is closed for the season, we started at the gate and walked up the road to the foot of Forum Ridge. Although there are hiking trails for both Foran Grade and Windy Point, we made our own way up both peaks. (For the normal route when the road is open, see Windy Point Ridge.)

After following the ridge to the summit of Foran Grade, we dropped 90 m down to the pass and climbed Windy Point Ridge. The ascent was on an open slope, but the summit itself is mostly treed.

After a short summit stay, we backtracked through the trees and then hiked to the next high point south on the ridge. After passing it, we started down a scree slope when we noticed some fascinating rock formations that called for a closer look. We traversed the rocky slope to inspect two shallow caves and a huge rock flake. Our curiosity satisfied, we descended to the highway and walked three kilometres back to the car.

Foran Grade may be forgettable but Windy Point Ridge, as a quick trip, offers good views and interesting rock formations.

KML and GPX Tracks

Hiking up the highway, the lower slopes of Foran Grade ahead

Starting up Foran Grade

On the ridge

Heading to the summit of Foran Grade

Windy Point Ridge comes into view

The uninspiring summit of Foran Grade

Heading to Windy Point Ridge

Starting up Windy Point

Looking back at Foran Grade

Mount Rose, Banded Peak and Threepoint Mountain from Windy Point Ridge

Heading south to the next high point

Dinah struggles in deep snow

We followed the trail a short way before descending the scree slope on our left

Good, fast scree here

We stopped when we saw the rock flake

Small cave

Larger cave (mouse over to see out of the cave)

Looking up what appears to be a long chimney. A possible scramble route?

The rock flake

Another view of the flake

Heading down

Looking back at the chimney and the flake

Heading back to the highway

Windy Point Ridge from the highway

Mount Rae 82 J/10

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