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Unnamed Ridge GR735660
Kananaskis, Alberta
July 9, 2011

The Kananaskis Country Trail Guide recommends doing Unnamed Ridge GR735660 as a traverse, but after taking care of some necessary business in the morning, Dinah and I only had time for a quick trip to the summit. And since the guide indicated a 700 m gain, we expected to get some exercise. However, the elevation gain proved to be only 500 m.

The trip began like a lion but soon turned into a lamb. After ascending a steep, rugged slope, the climb relaxed into a plod with little variety. We followed the ridge to the summit. The views were far from outstanding, but then we were jaded since we had climbed many of the surrounding peaks and all of them higher than Unnamed Ridge. But despite the familiar scenery, and despite a strong wind that attempted to blunt our spirits, it still felt good to get out into the mountains.

KML and GPX Tracks

The trailhead: we started up the slope, keeping right.

We climbed alongside a bluff until it petered out.

Soon after gaining the ridge, we break out onto a meadow.

We follow alongside a drainage for hundreds of metres. Pasque Mountain behind.

The grassy slope is rather monotonous.

It eventually ends in trees.

In the distance we see ... a false summit.

Heading to the false summit

True summit from the false summit

Looking back along the ridge

View of the lower north summit from the true summit

Greenish Blue Gossamer Wing butterfly on a Forget-Me-Not

82 J/2 Fording River

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