Red Ridge
Kananaskis Country Trail Guide
August 9, 2003

We set out to explore a possible ascent of Mount Bogart from the west. The usual approach is east from Ribbon Creek in Kananaskis, but it's long and uninspiring. A west approach would be long too, but at least it's interesting.

We were hoping to reach the west ridge of Mount Bogart but we ran into an insurmountable cliff band. We ended up on a point (GR221408) that was 200 m higher than Red Ridge. We couldn't continue on to the west ridge as I had hoped but this trip set the foundation for another, more likely way to the west ridge of Mount Bogart. However, Red Ridge is a delightful hike in its own right! It's such a gentle grade that we did it again as a winter ascent.

On the lower slopes after leaving the trail

Spray Lakes behind us

Easy hiking on the ridge

Mount Buller dominants the background

View of the summit after leaving it

Sparrowhawk Tarns below. We reached a high point just right of this photo.

Starting up a ridge. Unnamed peak behind.

Downclimbing a short cliff band

As far as we got. We couldn't continue along the ridge ahead because of a cliff band.

Mount Bogart and it's striking west ridge seen from our turn-around point.

Heading down to the tarns

The likely way to reach the west ridge is to the col on the skyline. We
reached the high point on the right but cliff bands barred the way to the col.

A family of marmots. Mouse over for close up.

Following the Sparrowhawk Tarns trail back.

360° view from near the summit of Red Ridge. Mount Bogart in the centre.

82 J/14 Spray Lakes

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