Promised Land
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
October 16, 2002

The Promised Land is a tortured landscape replete with numerous caves. We wanted to explore the smaller caves but the two large, famous caves, Gargantuan and Cleft, are beyond our capability. In fact, the previous week found a group of cavers stranded for 27 hours in Gargantuan Cave.

Rather than hike up the six-kilometre road that follows Ptolemy Creek to end at a campground, Wayne, Lori, Dinah and I covered most of approach in Wayne's truck. The road wasn't even fit for a 4x4 vehicle and it's a wonder we didn't get stuck. We drove 5 km before stopping but the truck was scratched from the thick roadside vegetation.

After leaving the truck we hiked up the trail to a pass and descended to the Andy Good Plateau. We explored a few caves but snow prevented us from taking a closer look at most of them and the short day didn't allow us much time to look around.

Our venture into the Promised Land was short but what we saw looked promising for a return visit!

Gargantuan Cave above the tall tree on far left

The walls were too steep to drop down to the floor of this cave but we were able to
reach it from an entrance (mouseover) a couple dozen metres away.

This photo and the following two photos shows us exploring the cave.

The trail (far right) leads to a pass which crosses the Continental Divide. On the left
is Cleft Cave (mouseover for a close up).

Hiking to the pass

On the pass

Dropping down the other side of the pass

Skirting around a snow-filled opening

Investigating a short cave

Mount Coulthard (mouse over to back up)

82 82/G10 Crowsnest

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