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Exshaw Ridge
Kananaskis, Alberta
March 27, 2004

Distance: 17.6 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1205 m

Exshaw Ridge is an attractive ridgewalk during the shoulder season when peaks are under snow. This was our second time up Exshaw Ridge. The first time Dinah and I didn't get far because of strong winds. It was windy this time too, but at least it didn't knock us over.

After hiking up Exshaw Creek for 3.5 km, we headed up the ridge. It was steep, but animal trails assisted our ascent. The grade eased once we reached the ridge crest. We followed the ridge, taking in its many ups and downs.

As we continued along the ridge, we passed peaks we had climbed: Doorjamb and Loder Peak east, and Gap Peak and Mount Fable west. Mount Fable is especially prominent: the summit reminds me of a shark fin. Finally we reached the end of the ridge and the highest point. The next point north doesn't appear to be part of Exshaw Ridge but more closely connected to Morrowmount. Satisfied with having reached the summit, we returned the same way.

Not only did we enjoy this trip, but it inspired me to climb other peaks in the area. On this hike, Morrowmount caught my eye and two weeks later, we returned to ascend it. Years later, after studying photos from this hike, we returned to scramble up Little Mythic Peak from Exshaw Creek.

GPX and KML Tracks

Exshaw Ridge: the arrow indicates our turnaround point

Hiking up Exshaw Creek

Gaining the ridge

Anklebiter Ridge and Gap Peak

A few ups and downs lay ahead

The first section of ridge was easy and mostly featureless

Dinah stops by some slabs to add a layer

Looking back along the ridge

Dinah negotiates a short cliff band

Mount Fable dominates the background

Morrowmount far left

Little Mythic Tower and the Mythic Towers rise above Exshaw Creek

A close look at Morrowmount showing the ascent ridge on the left

Looking ahead along the ridge

Cornices lined the crest in some spots (Dinah is behind a tree)

The ridge became more rugged

At times we hiked below the ridge crest

Looking back along the ridge

Lots of scree here

Some nice scenery along the latter part of the ridge

Standing on the summit

We hiked past the summit a short way

The high point ahead isn't part of Exshaw Ridge

Heading back along the ridge

We came across an antler on the way back

82 O/3 Canmore

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