Saskatoon Mountain
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
February 7, 2009

The idea of climbing Saskatoon Mountain came from Following the route description, we parked at the municipal park beside the main road in Coleman. Not sure what to expect, we brought our snowshoes, but it was evident we didn't need them and we ditched them early in the trip.

We hiked up Miner's Path alongside Nez Perce Creek until we reached a frozen waterfall. The creek follows a canyon so at the waterfall, we climbed out of the canyon and hiked on a trail above it.

When we reached an opening where we could see the base of the mountain we switched to another path that led up the slope. Soon we were looking down on Coleman, hiking north on an open ridge. Further on, the ridge morphed into a broad, treed plateau. Eventually the trees gave way to a semi-open summit.

We didn't stay long on top, not with the wind gusting up to 70 kph. But the skies were fairly clear providing us with good views of Crowsnest Mountain and The Seven Sisters.

KML Track

Nez Perce Creek

Ice fall

Heading to the base of the mountain

We had no trouble finding trails

Heading to an outcrop

Chinook Peak and Sentry Mountain in the background

We reached the outcrop

Mt. Coulthard, Mt. McLaren, Andy Good Peak, Mt. Parrish and Chinook Peak

We follow the ridge.

A long stretch of postholing lies ahead. The summit is on the right, hidden from view.

Looking back along the ridge

We follow a trail in the trees.

Leaning tree attests to the strong winds in the area.

Mount Tecumseh lies west

Dinah heads to the open summit. A higher, unnamed peak is on the left.

Crowsnest Mountain and The Seven Sisters (mouse over each to zoom in)

Dinah on the summit with Crowsnest Mountain behind her.

Grassy Mountain and Livingstone Ridge

Heading back

Crowsnest 82 G/10 and Blairmore 82 G/9

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