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"Two Mine Ridge"
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
April 12, 2008

The avalanche risk in the Rockies was so high the advisory read: “Better to dust off the bike and go for a ride.” We didn’t get on our bikes, but we did dust off our hiking boots to take on the Two Mile Trail described in Hiking the Historic Crownest Pass. Despite the name, much of the trip was off-trail. Since we reached a ridge top, it seems apt to call it "Two Mine Ridge."

The trail reaches a high point on the south end of Livingstone Range. We didn’t do the suggested one-way trip since it involves taking two vehicles. Instead, we started at the cemetery and followed the ridge up.
We saw little sign of the old mining road we were to take. Either it was overgrown, had deteriorated or was buried under snow. We hiked offtrail, bushwhacked and scrambled up the ridge.

There was much more snow than we expected and although most of it was firm we did a fair amount of postholing. We saw little evidence of any old mining activity (Leitch Collieries would have been a better starting point for that).

Because we were often in the trees, the views were limited, but Turtle Mountain presents its best side to the ridge.

After reaching the summit we had little interest in retracing our steps back along the ridge. After hiking back a short way from the summit, we dropped down the west side and made our way to our car.

Although not an exciting trip, it was certainly more challenging and interesting than we expected. But I don’t recommend this trip when there is so much snow!

GPX and KML Tracks

The graveyard start is actually suggested in the guide book

We headed to the ridge

Hiking on the ridge

As we climbed, snow patches appear

We passed a mine subsidence hole (mouse over to see down it)

More snow but it's quite firm

The first false summit appears ahead

Looking back

A closer look at the false summit

The grade was rather gentle

Dinah follows me up

We passed near a precipitous drop

Turtle Mountain

Hillcrest Mountain

We hit more snow (mouse over to look back)

And more snow!

From the first false summit we see the final section of the ridge and the true summit on the left

Second false summit

Starting up the second false summit

Reaching the second false summit (mouse over to look back)

From the second false summit we see the true summit

The ridge narrows

Robertson and Talon Peaks

On the summit

Looking north to Livingstone Ridge

Starting down from the ridge (mouse over to look back up the ridge)

On our way back we came across a deer antler

We also saw wild turkeys

And curious deer

Blairmore 82 G/9

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