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Picklejar Lakes
Kananaskis, Alberta
July 11, 1999

We set off for Junction Falls via Picklejar Lakes, but we soon realized it was too ambitious. We reached the lakes, ascended the col north of the lake and started following a tributary of Junction Creek before before turning around. However, we made it to a delightful tiny pool filling with waterfall. A few of us jumped in the cold water. Jackie went as far as going under the frigid waterfall!. After relaxing by the pool, drying off under the sun, we headed back.

Taking a break by the lakes

Picklejar lakes from the pass

Lorri makes her way to the pass

Jackie makes a brisk exit after getting going under the waterfall, while Rosie looks on

Relaxing by the waterfalls

Another view of the same

Heading back to the pass

Passing another falls

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