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French Creek
Kananaskis, Alberta
August 29, 1999

I took some friends – Gail, Fiona, Jackie, Rosie and Carmen – on a hike up French Creek to see French Glacier. I had planned to cross the saddle to Robertson Glacier and come down the Burstall Creek Trail, but the girls weren't up to the rough terrain.

Although the hike was interesting, the highlight for me was meeting Alan Kane, author of Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies. He and Sim, whom I had hiked with, had just finishing climbing Mount Robertson.


French Creek Valley

Taking a break

Fiona, Jackie, Rosie and Carmen

Looking back after getting above the treeline

The girls take another break

We encounter snow as we near the glacier.

French Glacier in the background

Gail grimaces in the cold air.

On the way back, Carmen stops for a photo.

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