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Kindersley Pass - Sinclair Creek Loop
Kootenay National Park, B.C.
August 15, 2009

Recent heavy rains and unfavorable weather had Sonny, Dinah and I looking for an easy trip so we decided to hike to the Kindersley-Sinclair col. Starting at the Kindersley Pass trailhead, the route climbs northwest to Kindersley Pass before swinging east to the Kindersley-Sinclair col. We would ascend unnamed peaks on either side of the col before taking the Sinclair trail back to the highway. (Later we realized we followed the route outlined in Hikes Around Invermere.)

As we started up, our pants became soaked by the encroaching wet vegetation. We saw little scenery; even when we reached an opening, rising mist obscured our view. But by the time we arrived below the pass, the sky had cleared somewhat.

After the pass, the trees thinned and the views opened up. At Kindersley-Sinclair col, our attention shifted to the unnamed peak rising 300 m on our left, south of Mount Kindersley (called "Kindersley SE4 on Google Earth). It resembled little more than a rock pile and its gentle grade was more of a walk-up than a scramble. As we crested a rise, we were surprised and disappointed to find a green tower – a radio repeater – and a helipad on top.

After adding layers to brace ourselves against the bitter cold, we spent several minutes surveying the surrounding peaks before descending. We weren't done climbing yet though. Sonny convinced us to ascend the smaller peak southeast of the col. Rising only 125 m above the col, the short trip was worthwhile. At least there was no tower on this peak! (The above panorama was taken from here.)

As we started back down, the weather quickly deteriorated. Snow pellets stung our faces, and then part way down Sinclair Trail it began to rain. No matter, since there were few views.

Even though we only ascended a couple of unnamed peaks, our GPSs indicated the SE4 was within a couple of metres in height of the impressive Mount Kindersley.

Sonny's Trip Report

GPX and KML Tracks

Kindersley Pass Trail

Recent rain created a washboard effect on the trail

The trail passes through a couple of pleasant glades in the forest

Sunlit mist

We passed a hanging valley

The SE4 lies northwest of the Kindersley-Sinclair col

Moose just below Kindersley Pass

The trail runs below the SE4

Almost at the col (mouse over to look back)

After reaching the col, we headed to Kindersley SE4

Alpine vegetation gives way to rocks (mouse over to look back)

Sonny tags a pinnacle

We made our way to the summit

We suspect others have made it to the summit before us

On top

Mount Kindersley (mouse over for a close-up)

Panorama from the helipad

Looking northeast at Mount Assiniboine, Aye Mountain and Eon Mountain (mouse over)

Our next peak (the closest one is higher, but we climbed both)

Sonny on the first little peak

Ascending the next little peak

Looking back at Kindersley SE4 from the second little peak

On the second little peak

Mount Sinclair

Heading back to the col

Sinclair Trail

Following the trail down into a valley

A patch of fireweed brightens the valley

Tangle Peak 82/J12

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