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Pasque Mountain
Kananaskis, Alberta
November 1, 2008

When we attempted Pasque Mountain in 2006 we turned back because of high winds. This time we reached the summit in relatively calm weather, not to mention surprisingly dry conditions for this time of the year.

We had no trouble following the route to the ridge. Instead of climbing the north summit, we left the road and headed to a trail that leads to the ridge. We followed the ridge to the summit. The ridge walk sports some good views and the clear, blue skies provided a look at far-ranging peaks.

It took us three hours to reach the south summit so we took our time going back and climbed the north summit where I took the above panorama.

KML Track

Hiking up the valley to Pasque Mountain

Heading up the first ridge

The road heads to the north summit, but we headed to the ridge above

Plateau Mountain behind

We caught a trail that leads to the ridge. North summit is behind.

We hiked up the ridge. Beehive Mountain in centre.

According to both our GPS receivers, the "lower summit" was as high as the true summit

Looking back along the ridge

To reach the summit (centre) we traversed the rocky ridge ahead

On the rocky ridge

On the skyline (centre) is Sugarloaf Lookout. Above Dinah is Crowsnest Mountain 50 km away.

The views west are marred by cutblocks. In the clearing at the bottom, centre, a helicopter appeared to dropping gear and men off (mouse over).

This section can be skirted below on the left, but we scrambled over it easily

An unnamed peak seen through the rocks

We downclimbed a small drop

The next rock outcropping is easily circumvented or scrambled over

Looking back at the ridge we just traversed

Mount Lyall

Dinah reaches the south summit

A benchmark (mouse over) marks the top

View from the south summit

Mount Gass (left)

Twin Peaks of Cabin Ridge

Heading back toward the north summit

82 J/2 Fording River

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