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Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park
May 19, 2007

The May long weekend was largely a bust. We had plans to go backpacking in the Front Range but we cancelled them because of bad weather. Instead we headed to Writing-On-Stone Park where the weather was considerably better.

We drove to the town of Milk River and set up camp before driving to Writing-On-Stone Park. We would have preferred to camp at the park but it was full.

At the park an area is set aside for backcountry hiking. It looked interesting on the Internet and I envisioned a long hike that would include exploring coulees. In reality it was a tiny area, only five kilometres long and a third as much wide. Nonetheless it was a fascinating area and thankfully, except for two others whom we never saw, we had the area to ourselves. The river crossing undoubtedly kept the crowds away. We delighted in the 25° weather.

Fording the Milk River

Entering Davis Coulee

Don't know if this feature has a name or not

I did some scrambling on an interesting wall

Cliff swallow mud nests

Deepest section of the coulee

Same as above

Couple fording the Milk River

Sweetgrass Hills to the south

Flowers and cactus


Plenty of interesting rock formations to explore

Dinah checks out a window

I checked out another window

Dinah appears to have climbed a hoodoo, when in fact she merely walked to
the other side of the coulee (mouse over).


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