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Three Sisters
Fernie, B.C.
August 29, 2009

When I first spied the Three Sisters several years ago I never suspected you could hike to the summit, the highest in Fernie. Nor did it occur to Sonny and me, after finding a trail description on the internet, there could be a new trail. We learned about it when we ran into a lone hiker on our trip.

There was nothing wrong with the trail we took, although Sonny's SUV nearly became stuck in a huge mud hole en route and we parked a kilometre short of the trailhead. The newer trail is apparently better maintained, but the four of us – Sonny, Kelly, Dinah and myself – easily followed the original route, hiking through forest before reaching a trail that traversed the north slopes of the Three Sisters.

After turning several corners, the trail dipped down into the Sulphur Creek Basin. The highlight of the trip, the basin is rife with sink holes and house-size boulders.

After making our way through the boulder maze, we climbed to the saddle east of the Three Sisters. Ahead, a trail in scree led to the summit 500 m above us. While Kelly relaxed on the saddle, Sonny, Dinah and I trudged to the mountaintop.

After taking a slew of photos we quickly descended to the saddle to join Kelly. We started taking the alternative trail north but when it showed no signs of turning east, we made our way back to our ascent route.

Although we kicked ourselves for having missed the new route, clearly posted on, perhaps it was fortunate. The new trail bypasses Sulphur Creek Basin and I'm glad we walked through the impressive landscape.

Sonny's Trip Report
KML Track

The Three Sisters seen from Tim Horton's in Fernie

At the trailhead talking to hunters who spotted elk

A sign indicates what lies ahead (mouse over)

The trail changes from a road to a single track

Crossing a basin

The trail follows alongside cliffs

We climbed above the basin (right)

Views appear after the trees begin to thin

Mount Bisaro (left)

Looking back along the trail

No matter how many corners we turned there always seemed to be another one!

Reaching yet another corner

Impressive cliffs on our left

Sulphur Creek Basin

Hiking in the basin

Enormous limestone boulders strewn about the basin

Sonny and Kelly are dwarfed by some of the rocks

I paused on a huge slab

Looking back

What appear to be pinnacles are rock blades a couple of metres wide

The saddle is on the left

Tarn below the saddle

Hiking to the saddle

The trail runs between two sink holes

Looking back down the valley. Mount Bisaro (centre).

The trail cuts below the cliffs and leads to the high point right (mouse over to read sign post)

Starting up from the saddle

A good trail leads to the top (false summit seen here). Mouse over to look back.

Unknown butterfly

We reached the ridge

Dinah and I stayed on the trail

Sonny took the crest

Just before the summit the trail steepens

Mount Procter (centre)

Looking down at the valley southwest

A radio repeater stands a short distance from the summit

Heading back along the trail. Mount Hosmer and Ghost Rider in the centre (mouse over).

82 G/11 Fernie

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