Sentinel Peak
Kananaskis, Alberta
May 31, 2008

Several days of precipitation left the mountains under snow so we decided to ascend Sentinel Peak. We biked five km up the gravel road before turning onto the Hailstone Butte fire road. Since this road was rough and muddy, at least at the start, we opted to leave our bikes and hike to the turn-off.

An intermittent trail led to a broad, grassy valley. I expected the valley to be marshy but despite the snow patches it was relatively dry. We made our way up the col and then took the ridge to the summit.

Although a minor ascent, Sentinel Peak offered surprisingly pleasant views made more eye-catching because of the snow.

KML and GPX Tracks

MOVIE (posted on YouTube)

Sentinel Peak from HWY 22

We ditched our bikes at the main road and we followed this fire road for 700 m before leaving it.

Recent bear tracks on the road

Plateau Mountain in the background

Sentinel Peak ahead

We head to the col below the ridge.

False summit ahead

Twin Peaks and Isola Peak

Reaching the false summit. True summit (far right) is still far off.

Looking back at the valley we hiked up. Saddle Mountain, Mount Livingstone and Hailstone Butte
on the skyline (mouse over each summit to zoom in).

Much of the ridge was friable rock so we kept away from the edge.

The summit

Standing on the summit

Mount Armstrong dominates the view northwest.

Mount Burke

After the trip, we drove down HWY 532 and came to this road block. After we stopped, I
expected the mountain sheep to leave the road, but they came right up to our car and began
to surround and inspect our car. Then a car came up behind them and frightened them off.

82 J/1 Langford Creek and 82 J/8 Stimson Creek

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