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The following peaks are found in More Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies by Andrew Nugara. In many of them I didn't follow his route, and indeed, some were done before his book came out. In a few cases I used his descent route.

I came to know Andrew Nugara through his postings on the Outdoors Forum. After a year of trying to arrange a trip, we finally got together in 2005 to attempt Loaf Mountain.

I did a few more scrambles with him before he wrote More Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies. Although I haven't climbed with him since his book appeared, I've run into him on chance encounters in the mountains. I've never failed to be impressed by his good cheer and his enthusiasm for the mountains. I'm honored to be included in his book's Acknowledgements.

Anderson Peak Waterton
Avion Ridge Waterton
Barnaby Ridge Castle Wilderness
Bellevue Hill Waterton
Big Bend Peak Icefields Parkway
Boundary Peak Icefields Parkway
Bryant, Mount Kananaskis
Buller Creek Peak Kananaskis
Coffin Mountain Kananaskis
Coulthard, Mount Crowsnest Pass
Crowfoot North Peak Icefields Parkway
Devil's Thumb Lake Louise
Drywood Mountain Castle Wilderness
Eagle Mountain Banff
Emerald Peak B.C.
Gladstone, Mount Castle Wilderness
Glendowan, Mount (attempt) Waterton
Gravenstafel Ridge Castle Wilderness
Haig, Mount Castle Wilderness
Head, Mount (attempt) Kananaskis
Hillcrest Mountain Crowsnest Pass
Holy Cross Mountain Kananaskis
Howard, Mount Kananaskis
Isola Peak Kananaskis
Jimmy Simpson Icefields Parkway
Kananaskis Peak Kananaskis
Kent, Mount Kananaskis
Lakeview Ridge Waterton
Lineham Creek Peaks, First Peak Highwood
Livingston, Mount Kananaskis
Little Lougheed Kananaskis
Little Temple Lake Louise
Loaf Mountain Castle Wilderness
Lost Mountain Waterton
Lougheed, Mount Kananaskis
McLaren, Mount Crowsnest Pass
Mosquito Mountain Icefields Parkway
Mount McDougall (attempt) Kananaskis
Newman Peak Waterton
Noseeum Peak Icefields Parkway
Ochre Spring Peak Kootenays
Onion, The Icefields Parkway
Prairie Bluff Castle Wilderness
Pincher Ridge Castle Wilderness
Roberta Peak Kananaskis
Roche, Mount Castle Wilderness
Rowe, Mount Waterton
Racehorse Peak Crowsnest Pass
Racehorse, Mount Crowsnest Pass
St. Eloi Mountain Castle Wilderness
Shunga-la-she Kananaskis
Southfork Mountain Castle Wilderness
Smutwood Peak Kananaskis
Snow Peak Kananaskis
Sofa Mountain Waterton
Spionkop Ridge Castle Wilderness
Syncline Mountain Castle Wilderness
Table Mountain Castle Wilderness
Thunder Mountain Oldman River
Tiara Peak Kananaskis
Victoria Peak Castle Wilderness
Victoria Ridge Castle Wilderness
Vimy Peak Waterton
Volcano Peak Kananaskis
Wasootch Peak Kananaskis
Wendell Mountain, East Peak Kananaskis
Whistler Mountain Castle Wilderness