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Mount McDougall (attempt)
Kananaskis, Alberta
May 22, 2005

Distance: 16.7 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1232 m

After climbing Volcano Peak last year, Dinah and I returned to see if we could reach Mount McDougall. We retraced our steps save that we hiked further up the valley before ascending the north slopes. This avoided the bushwhacking and the talus slopes, although we lost time routefinding because of a cliff band.

When we reached Volcano Peak, we found a new summit register courtesy of the Alpine Club of Canada. Later I learned that an entry was made after ours that related a helicopter rescue for a sprained ankle. Must be from that miserable talus slope!

After reaching Volcano Peak, we hiked about 1.5 km along the ridge. When we hit a sheer drop, we abandoned our attempt to climb Mount McDougall. We couldn't go around the drop because of snow. I took a panorama and we returned the same way.

Negotiating the trail alongside McDougall Creek

Hiking up a gully

After ascending this slope I went right to scope out a steep gully

The gully proved to be too steep for me

We found easier terrain on our left although still very steep

Eventually we reached the scree slope

Mount Kidd rises behind

At the base of Volcano Peak

On Volcano Peak

Coming down from the summit we lost 60 m

We started along the ridge for Mount McDougall

Looking back at Volcano Peak

Some interesting rocks

Looking back

Volcano Peak (centre) receded in the distance as we ventured along the ridge (mouse over for the view ahead)

We passed a large cornice

Thus far, the ridge was mostly a hike

Volcano Peak takes on the air of a big peak

Striations on the ridge south

I couldn't see a way down the cliff

Crossing a snow slope

As far as we got

Heading back to Volcano Peak

On our way back we noticed that the blue sky east juxtaposed with dark clouds north

82 J/14 Spray Lakes Reservoir

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