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Tiara Peak
Kananaskis, Alberta
September 8, 2007

Since we were short on time, Tiara Peak was a suitable objection, being both a short drive and a short trip.

After parking at the trailhead (there's room for one car) we started down the trail. The snow that had fallen the previous night was now melting, and the wet vegetation that crowded the trail at the start soon soaked our pant legs.

We followed the trail to a cairned fork in the cut block. The right fork leads to a cutline that eventually ends at the creek. We followed the left side of the creek where we found trails and open areas. Following Nugara's ascent directions, we found a likely place to ascend to the crest of the ridge. We traversed the ridge to the striking summit block of Tiara Peak and circled halfway around the rocky base before starting up the SW slope.

Up until this point, it had been an easy scramble, mostly a hike, but it changed to a moderate scramble on the backside. After negotiating loose rock on slabs, the ascent became a steep climb on loose rock to the summit.

Despite seeing clouds all day, it was blue sky all the way to the top. From the base of the summit block we dropped to the east gully. The loose rock wasn't great for descending but after moving left we found good scree and made our way quickly down. After some brief bushwhacking we reached the creekbed that led back to the cutline trail.

KML Track
MOVIE (posted on YouTube)

Tiara Peak from the trailhead

Lingering snow by the trail

Fall colours kicking in

Yellow shafted flicker

Hiking up the drainage

Ahead on the left is the slope we'll take to gain the ridge

From here we'll cross the gully and head up the slope on the left going through a weakness in the cliff band

Coming up through the cliff band with Belmore Browne Peak in the background

Hiking to the crest of the ridge

On the ridge

The ridge behind us as we ascend

Almost at the summit block

The summit block

Working around the east side of the block

Still working our way around the block

Ascending up the SW slope. Here I'm on loose rock on slabs.

Slope is mostly loose rock. Mount Lorette in the background (mouse over).

Looking up, the summit is somewhere on the left

Summit cairns

Heading down the east gully. Note the storm in the upper right. We heard thunder from that direction.

Coming down in Tiara's shadow

Looking up the drainage we descended

82 J/15 Bragg Creek

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