Mount Bryant
Kananaskis, Alberta
September 27, 2008

Following creekbeds of Upper Canyon Creek, Dinah and I ascended Mount Bryant. The long trudge up the creek was uninspiring save for a brief view of the summit. The beautiful tarn at the base of the mountain provided a pleasant respite before we slogged up the northwest scree slopes. Climbing up from the valley, views were limited and even the summit was hidden from view until we reached the ridge.

Once on the summit, we were greeted by good scenery in all directions. But cold, strong winds kept us off balance and made our stay brief. Instead of continuing to the east peak as we had planned, we just wanted to get off the mountain and out of the wind and the cold.

GPX and KML Track

Mount Bryant ahead

Hiking up the north fork of Upper Canyon Creek

Before we reach the tarn we get a glimpse of the summit (left).

The trail leads to open slopes

Some elevation is lost on the way to the tarn

Looking back at an unnamed peak (GR409435)

The ascent slopes of Mount Bryant from the tarn

Before reaching the rock buttress on the skyline we found a trail

The tarn is a beautiful turquoise

Looking through the window of the rock buttress (mouse over for the reverse view)

Toiling up the scree slopes

Looking back at the rock buttress

I discovered some fossils on the slope

The views changed little as we ascended

Unnamed peak to the west

View to the northwest

After reaching the ridge, the summit is a short distance away (mouse over)

On the summit

The east peak and east ridge

Mount Howard

Bragg Creek 82/J15

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