Holy Cross Mountain
Kananaskis, Alberta
September 25, 2004

Holy Cross is an enjoyable scramble and one that I recommend. You can park at Sentinel parking lot and take Pack Trail Coulee but you gain and lose 100 m going over Grass Pass. The shortest route is up Gunnery Creek trail; park on the highway shoulder about a kilometre west of Sentinel parking lot. (We went up Gunnery Creek but for a change of scenery, we returned via Pack Trail Coulee. The profile indicates our return trip.)

At GR705878 you'll reach a high point on the trail and start dropping down. Follow this for a few minutes before leaving the trail and heading NW. After about 500 m of easy bushwhacking you should encounter a good trail, freshly blazed. I assume this trail reaches Gunnery Creek trail but it would be longer and you would lose elevation.

Head west on the blazed trail until you come to a grassy knoll. I lost the trail here but was unconcerned. A few dozen metres away is a good animal trail. Head west up a lightly wooded slope and you should soon come across it. The trail breaks out of the trees onto a talus slope where there's a good view of Holy Cross Mountain. We climbed up the gully to the summit and came back down on the NE ridge. In hindsight, the reverse would be better, offering good scrambling up and loose rock down.

KLM Track

MOVIE (posted on YouTube)

As we started off, the sunrise turns the rocks red

On the blazed trail, Holy Cross comes into view. The trail appears to end
on the grassy knoll ahead.

Holy Cross from the animal trail

We reached the base of the gully

Going up the gully

The gully is best done on the return leg

The skyline ridge leading from the summit to Mount Head on the left. We tried it but were soon
stopped by a knife-edge ridge with sheer sides.

Coming down from the summit

The NE ridge offers interesting scrambling

Partway down the ridge

Looking up from the NE ridge

Back on the trail

82 J/7 Mount Head

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