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Mount Gladstone
Castle Wilderness, Alberta
October 8, 2005

Dinah Kruze and I joined Andrew Nugara and Linda Breton in ascending Mount Gladstone. Thankfully Linda had both researched and searched for the route up this peak; we had only to follow her lead. This was her third try up Gladstone and her route was fine. Nor could we have picked a nicer fall day to bag it.

Using footpaths, a horse trail and a 4x4 road – which crossed Mill Creek a few times – we eventually made it to the southwest slopes of Gladstone. From there it was essentially a steep hike to the summit, although Andrew left us briefly to explore a scramble route. Coming down from the summit, we made use of a scree gully for a fast descent.

MOVIE (posted on YouTube)

KML Track

Mount Gladstone seen en route to the trailhead

Our first crossing of Mill Creek

Looking for the next place to cross Mill Creek

Using logs to cross the creek

Using stepping stones to ford the creek just before the horse trail

After leaving the horse trail, Mount Gladstone appeared in the distance

Castle Peak from the lower slopes of Mount Gladstone (mouse over for a close-up)

Dinah and Linda make their way up to the ridge

Typical terrain on the ridge ascent

Dinah and Linda follow far below Andrew

Summit is on the right

Linda (lower right) is a speck on the broad slope

Andrew pauses on a high point on the ridge

Looking back from the summit as Andrew and Linda made their way up

On the summit: Dinah, Linda, Andrew and me

Tornado Mountain lies northwest 80 km away

Coming down from the summit

Andrew above the scree slope.
The treed ridge on the left is North Castle.

Heading down the scree

We quickly reached the slopes above Mill Creek

I found a high perch to take photos from

Dinah and Linda (specks left of centre) after descending the gully on the right

Mount Gladstone with its white peak on the right. We ascended the ridge on the right and
descended the gully on the left.
Linda and Andrew in the lower right.

82/G8 Beaver Mines

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