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In Memoriam: Becky Mansour

On September 11, 2015, Becky Mansour, 59, passed away following a tragic fall on Mount Daly on August 23. An avid hiker and scrambler, she completed hundreds of trips. Dinah and I had the pleasure of knowing her on a few trips and would like her to be remembered. As well as joining her on Crystal Ridge, we were with her on Crystal Ridge GR, Noseeum Peak, Quartzite Peak and Twin Cairns.

Crystal Ridge
Icefields Parkway, Alberta
February 20, 2010

Distance: 7.1 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 650 m

While shopping at Mountain Equipment Co-op last week, Dinah and I ran into Zora, a hiking friend we hadn't seen in years. She planned to lead a snowshoe trip up Crystal Ridge with the HOGs (Hostel Outdoor Group) and invited us to come. Dinah and I had snowshoed this ridge in 2001 with the HOGs where we discovered football-sized crystals (hence the name for this unnamed ridge) but never reached the crest. Since we had always wanted to return, we accepted.

Dinah and I met Zora and her three companions – Craig, Becky and Adrian – at the Lake Louise info centre. We piled into our cars, drove up Hwy. 93 and parked at the Crowfoot Glacier viewpoint.

Having snowshoed Crystal Ridge many times, Zora knew the area but had never attempted the summit. She led us up the main trail before leaving it to follow old snowshoe tracks. After stopping for lunch above the treeline, we pushed on to the ridge top.

A steep, rubbly slope discouraged a direct ascent, so we veered left and headed to a col. After the col, Craig hung back while the rest of us followed the ridge to the summit. The clear skies allowed superb views of several recognizable peaks.

It was a beautiful winter day to climb Crystal Ridge made even better with an enthusiastic bunch of snowshoers!

KML and GPX Tracks

Behind me, Craig watches Adrian

Trees began to thin

Bow Lake in the background

Bow Peak

Zora breaks trail

Looking back from our rest stop

We stop for lunch in the lee of a slope

Looking back at the rest stop

Before reaching the steep, rocky slope ahead, we turned left

A gentle grade leads to a col

Looking back

View from the col. Helen-Kate Ridge in the foreground.

After starting up the ridge, Dinah points out Cirque Peak to Adrian

Heading to the summit

We spread out along the ridge

Looking northwest up the valley

Adrian, Dinah, Becky, Zora and me on the summit

Coming down: note the huge cornice. We kept to the edge of the rocks for safety.

Back at the col (mouse over to zoom out)

Heading down from the col

Back at the parking lot, Crystal Ridge behind

82 N/9 Hector Lake

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