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Mount Carthew
Waterton, Alberta
June 8, 2004

Waterton is notorious for its high winds and we were unfortunate to experience them on Mount Carthew. Dinah and I were buffeted by strong head winds as we descended from the summit. Despite running downhill on good scree, wind gusts hit us with such force that we were stopped in mid-stride and then forced step by step backward uphill. It was like hitting a wall while running at full speed!

Other than our experience with the wind, our ascent was mostly a hike although the shortcut to the southwest ridge that's described in the Scrambles book added interest.

MOVIE (posted on YouTube)

Hiking up the trail

Taking the shortcut. Look for a grass corridor that extends down the trail just before a cliff band, about 10 minutes from Summit Lake.

Within minutes the rock stacks come into view

Cameron Lake

Some interesting landscape here

Rock stacks

Looking back

From the rocks we contoured left because of cliff bands

Looking back at the outcrop that we had go around

Regaining the ridge. False summit appears ahead.

Hiking on lingering snow

Still following the shortcut, heading to the false summit

True summit comes into view

Mount Alderson

On the summit

Cornice just below the summit

Heading back

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