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Mount Alderson
Waterton, Alberta
July 10, 2004

Dinah and I returned to Waterton National Park to climb three peaks in as many days. Mount Alderson was the most colorful of the three. To reach the base of the mountain, we hiked for an hour to Summit Lake and then went on to the saddle between Carthew and Alderson. From the saddle, we climbed a red ridge and followed it to the summit.

MOVIE (posted on YouTube)
KML Track

Summit Lake

Chapman Peak towers above Lake Wurdeman

We came across this hoary marmot at the saddle

Sky pilot

Carthew Lakes

After descending from the Anderson-Carthew col, we climbed the red ridge

As we climbed, we encountered a variety of colours and patterns in the rock

Coming up to a colourful high point

View of the ridge from the top of the first downclimb

First downclimb

False summit ahead

Slogging up scree

Looking back at the ridge

Coming up to the downclimb just before the summit

Second downclimb

Heading to the summit

Looking northeast: the red mountain is Bertha Peak; Mount Crandell left

82 G/1 Sage Creek and 82 H/4 Waterton Lakes

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