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Bertha Peak
Waterton, Alberta
July 9, 2004

The hike to Bertha Peak begins on the trail to Bertha Lake. From the lake, the Scrambles book proposes two possible routes: left and right of the waterfall. The easier route is on the left, but we took the route on the right, up a series of gullies. By avoiding the scree and sticking to solid rock, we found good scrambling. However, there was more routefinding than I expected.

KML Track

Hiking to Bertha Lake

Purple fleabane

Bertha Peak from Bertha Lake: we ascended right of the waterfall

Heading to the base of the mountain

Starting up the rocky slope

We started up in a gully to the right of the waterfall

Typical scrambling on the lower slope. You run into scree if you go left towards the waterfalls.

We found a good diagonal to ascend

Colourful rocks everywhere

We were kept busy looking for a good route up

Routefinding becomes easier near the top

The grade eases near the ridge crest. Bertha Lake below.

We reached the ridge crest

On the ridge, it's a wide-open hike to the top

Looking back

On the summit

82 H/4 Waterton Lakes

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