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Kananaskis, Alberta
October 1, 2004

When Dinah, Dale, Lori and I hiked up French Creek we intended to climb both Cegnfs and Mount Murray. Unfortunately, we had trouble following the instructions in the Scrambles book and we ended up on the wrong ridge. We had to drop down and traverse rubbly slopes to get back on track. By the time we reached the summit of Cegnfs it was too late to attempt Mount Murray.

According to comments in the summit register, other groups ended up on the wrong ridge as well. Like us, they too cursed the author. There's even a well-worn path leading down from the wrong ridge! The following year we returned and found the correct way up Mount Murray.

MOVIE (posted on YouTube)

Cegnfs and Mount Murray seen from Mount Burstall

Mud Lake

On the trail

We started climbing

That's me, trying to get my bearings

We realized we're off course

We angled down, losing 140 m of elevation, to get back on course

Climbing up Cegnfs. Below is the "rock gate" where we should have started our ascent.

Nearby Mount Murray would be out of reach on this day

Going up a narrow gully

Looking down

This scree slope extends up to the summit

Lots and lots of scree

We took in the scenery as we ascended

The Tower, Galatea, Gusty and Chester

Taking a break

Some interesting rocks

I got off the scree and went left to do some scrambling

On the summit

Coming down from the summit

Heading down a scree slope

On the lower slopes of Cegnfs

Taking a break by larches

While hiking back we chanced upon a porcupine. Apparently it didn't like having his picture taken: he turned his back to me and thumped his tail on the ground!

82 J/14 Spray Lakes

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