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Mount Galatea
Kananaskis, Alberta
July 12, 2003

Mount Galatea offers some Interesting scrambling near the top, but it's a long haul to get to it. Once the scree slog is over, we reached a point just below the ridge where we faced the first of a few obstacles en route to the summit. To surmount them, we stayed below the ridge crest until just before the summit. The route-finding was more challenging than I expected. We climbed Galatea in dry conditions, but I can see that in snow or even wet conditions, it would be treacherous on some sections.

KML Track

We left the meadows behind

The ascent begins in the gully in the centre and then takes the ridge to the right of it (click for a larger image)

Looking back at the vast scree basin we had to cross

Starting up the scree

Looking back down the slope

More scree

The tarns are far below us

Serious drop on the right

The long climb up a scree slope gives way to the first obstacle. The summit is on the left.

There's quite a bit of scrambling before you reach the summit

Looking back at Wayne and Lori ascending

A narrow ridge leads to the summit cairn

Heading back along the ridge from the summit


Climbing down the steepest section on the return

Back on the scree. The summit is the point on the left.

Back in the gully at the base of the mountain

82 J/14 Spray Lakes

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