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View from our summit

Parker Ridge
Banff National Park, Alberta
July 31, 2008

We headed off to Jasper for the long weekend, but en route we stopped to ascend Parker Ridge. The ridge itself is a tourist jam and only gains 200 m, but following the route described in Don't Waste Your Time in the Rockies, we continued west. We climbed an additional 420 m, 620 m in total. We reached a rocky outcrop at 2640 m. On the return, we followed the trail along Parker Ridge for the best view of Saskatchewan Glacier.

Parker Ridge and the extension are a worthwhile break from the five-hour drive to Jasper. Our hike took 3:45 hours, including time spent talking to tourists who stopped us on the way back to ask about our trip.

GPX and KML tracks

Hiking up the tourist trail, Mount Athabasca (centre) and Hilda Peak (right) come into view

On the saddle between Parker Ridge and our summit

View from the high point where the trail ends: we headed to the ridge in front of us

After leaving the trail, we hiked up the ridge. Our objective is the brown peak in the centre that mostly obscures Mount Athabasca.

Unknown bird

Looking back at Parker Ridge (centre)

We took advantage of the firm snow to hasten our ascent

Mount Wilcox, Tangle Ridge and Nigel Peak (mouse over for a close-up of Nigel)

Big Bend Peak fills the foreground

After a stiff climb to this point, the summit appears on the right

Mount Athabasca fills the background

There were a few ups and downs before we reached the summit

Looking back along the ridge

Almost at the summit

Some easy scrambling to reach the summit

Dinah climbs over a rock band below the summit

On the summit, cairn on the right

View to the southeast

Mount Saskatchewan

Terrace Mountain (left)

View from the other end of Parker Ridge

Castleguard Mountain overlooks Saskatchewan Glacier

83 C/3 Columbia Icefield

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