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Nigel Peak
Jasper National Park, Alberta
July 26, 2003

Nigel Peak is great scramble with beautiful views along the way. Caroline, Dinah and I started from the Icefields Campsite. It was convenient since we camped there, although added distance from the usual start. But we encountered no difficulties in following Kane's route. We made our way up the first ridge before crossing the northwest bowl to reach the second ridge. We followed the second ridge to the summit. After spending a while on the summit we retraced on steps, except to come down on fast scree below the first ridge.

KML Track

Nigel Peak from Columbia Icefields

Hiking to the base of Nigel Peak

Slogging up to the first ridge

We get our first good look at the summit

Ascending the ridge to reach the bowl

Traversing above the bowl

Crossing the bowl below the summit

On the ridge after crossing the bowl

We followed the ridge closely

Colourful mountains to the east

Still a ways to go!

The final section is steep

On the summit

Looking down at the ridge we ascended

Colourful view to the east

Descending from the summit. The snow was too steep to descend so we scrambled down.

Tangle Ridge and Wilcox Lake

Heading back from the ridge above the basin

Finding some good scree to descend

Mount Athabasca

The following day we climbed Mount Wilcox

83 C/3 Columbia Icefields

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