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"Cat Creek Knob"
Unnamed Peak (GR638905)
Kananaskis, Alberta
November 5, 2004

We had our sights set on a higher point, Cat Creek Ridge, but after reaching a small peak we realized we couldn't continue directly to it. Even so this minor peak is worth doing if only for a chance to see some mountain goats that seem common in this area!

The knob can be accessed using the Cat Creek Trails. From the Cat Creek Loop we ascended the SW slope. Although treed, there is little underbrush or deadfall and travel is easy. It may be possible to follow the ridge to the summit, but because of the snow covering, we cut across to the SE ridge before reaching the top. I call it Cat Creek Knob.

From the summit, instead of returning the same way, we followed the SE ridge. It's likely one can reach the valley trail without difficulty, but we contoured around the ridge first before descending to the valley. It doesn't appear possible to descend to the col to climb GR656914 a kilometre to the NE. However, we didn't try to explore it given the snow cover.

This is a short trip with options to explore farther, preferably in dry conditions. The approach is good save that there are numerous creek crossings. I wouldn't want to try it in the early spring!

On the trail: Cat Creek Knob lies ahead

Creek crossing

Cat Creek Knob is on the left. We ascended the slope on the left and returned via the SE
ridge right of the summit.

There was little scrambling to do which was good given the snow

On the ascent, we were fortunate to see five mountain goats

Coming down from the summit

We couldn't reach the valley below because of a drop-off

Cat Creek Ridge

Coming down the SE ridge, peak is in the background

Heading down the ridge

Last look at the summit

82 J/7 Mount Head

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