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Twin Peaks, North Peak
The highest points on Cabin Ridge
Oldman River Area, Alberta
November 3, 2007

Dinah and I returned to climb the North Peak of Twin Peaks after climbing the South Peak the previous week. Sonny Bou joined us although his trip would include both summits.

We retraced our descent route from last week. Taking the road marked with the monstrous cairn, we followed it to a small meadow where we picked up the seismic exploration trail on the right. We lost a few minutes near the start when we went right instead of left at a fork before realizing our mistake.

When we reached the base of the South Peak, Dinah and I stopped for a snack while Sonny headed up the South Peak. After our break, Dinah and I contoured along the lower slope of the South Peak to the col. We hiked up the North Peak, taking our time to allow Sonny to catch up to us.

We regrouped on the summit block of the North Peak. We had to scramble up much of the block but it was easy and enjoyable. The North Peak is much more interesting than its twin.

For Dinah and I to return to Twin Peaks to climb the North Peak seemed anti-climatic, but we still appreciated the views the second time around as well as seeing the South Peak from the North Peak. Given the good approach trail and spectacular scenery, Twin Peaks should be a popular destination.

Sonny's Trip Report
KML Track

MOVIE (posted on YouTube)

This road will take us to the seismic exploration trail, seen as a faint dark line near the bottom of the hill in the centre. The South Peak is to the right.

Behind us the colourful sky of an early start

High up on the trail, we hit snow

The way was clear but strewn with tree trunks and logs

Pearly Everlasting flowers keep their looks despite the late season

We finally broke free of the trees

The South Peak (click for a larger image)

We took advantage of a good trail

On the ascent, we traversed mid-slope to avoid the wind, but on the return we took the crest

Since we had already climbed the South Peak, Dinah and I headed for the North Peak

I waited for Dinah on the col (click for a larger image)

Dinah joins me on the col

Looking back, we saw Sonny on a false summit of the South Peak (mouse over for a close-up)

Dinah heads to the North Peak

Looking back

Sugarloaf Lookout (background) always seemed sunlit.

Dinah nears the summit block of the North Peak

Dinah begins to scramble up

I followed

Sonny is not far behind (mouse over for a close-up)

Beehive Mountain

Partway along the summit ridge

As Dinah waits near the top, Sonny ahd I come up

Mount Livingstone

Coffin Mountain

Starting down from the summit

On way back we followed connecting ridge crest (centre)

Coming down the end of the connecting ridge

Sonny stands on the enormous cairn near the trailhead

82 J/2 Fording River

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