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Mount Tecumseh
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
August 18, 2002

For a change of scenery from Banff or Kananaskis, Crowsnest Pass is a good alternative for a scramble. Mt. Tecumseh was mostly a pleasant climb with little scree.

We couldn't park in front of the house in Sentinel as described in Kane's book – there were "No Trespassing" signs up – so we parked 200 m down the road.

Postscript: Clayton Annis emailed me saying that the landowners at the trailhead are becoming increasingly intolerant of hikers on their property. He suggests using the railway ROW or asking the landowner's permission to use their driveway. Or use the BC rest area 5 minutes west on the HWY 3 which is used for Crowsnest Ridge.

KML Track

Mount Tecumseh seen from the trail

Starting up the canyon

As much as possible, we stayed in the canyon

Here we bypassed a canyon section on the left

End of the canyon

After the canyon, we emerged onto a meadow

Taking a break

Heading up the scree slope to the ridge crest

Gaining the ridge

On the ridge heading to the summit

Looking back. Phillipps Peak behind.

Another view back. Note the figures just below the ridge.

Leaving the summit

Passing two huge boulders on the descent

In the drainage below the canyon

82 G/10 Crowsnest

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