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Lakeview Ridge (Attempt)
Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
June 14, 2008

Because of snow at higher elevations in the mountains, Dinah and I settled on ascending lowly Lakeview Ridge. We had done the east arm of the horse-shaped ridge on a beautiful fall day two years ago, but now we wanted to return to reach the summit which was on the west arm.

To reach it, we hiked up Horseshoe Basin Trail. My only concern was fording Galwey Creek where it intersected the trail. Sure enough, weeks of rainfall had created a swift current.

We probably could have forded it, but we couldn't be sure of recrossing safely on the return after the creek gained strength from melting snow in the afternoon. We looked for a ford upstream, but after following the bank – mostly bushwhacking – for 600 m, impenetrable trees and bushes stopped us. There was no sign of the flow abating upstream either.

Given the blue sky day, it was a disappointing outing. We'll be sure to return in the fall when water levels shouldn't be a problem.

As we drove past the bison paddock to the trailhead, this eastern
kingbird kept ahead of us, flitting between sections of fence

Bellevue Hill from the Indian Springs trailhead

On the Horseshoe Basin Trail

The trail nearly disappears in the forest. We avoided the path since water was running down it.

Sofa Mountain in the background (mouse over for a close-up)

Lakeview Ridge comes into view

Mount Galwey on the left

We studied the creek near where the trail crosses it

We headed up the creek but the fast flow didn't diminish

Looking back at Lakeview Ridge: the summit is the distant point on the right

Vimy Peak

Sticky purple germanium

Bison standing and in repose (mouse over) in the bison paddock

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