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Mount Galwey
Waterton, Alberta
June 25, 2004

Mount Galwey is the best scramble I've done so far in Waterton. Although it doesn't have the views of, say, Hawkins Horseshoe, Mount Galwey offers some good hands-on climbing. After the first time I climbed it years ago, I vowed to return with a camera. And so I did, along with Dinah.

The route starts on a trail from a picnic spot before ascending a ridge that leads to a scree slope below Galwey. We followed a trail that angles across the slope. After rounding a corner, we ascended a steep gully and reached the crux. Oddly, I found the crux – a traverse on small ledges – easier years ago when I was less experienced. But like my first ascent, I had trouble finding the way up to the summit from the window after the crux. What Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies calls "the path of the least resistance" is actually a chimney left of the window.

KML and GPX Tracks

Mount Galwey

Hiking up the lower slopes

Some wild scenery can be found on the lower slope

Mount Galwey from the abutting ridge

Hiking up a slope covered in the red argillite

Looking back along the ridge

A trail cuts in the scree on the left and leads to the skyline ridge (mouse over for a close up)

Nearing the top of the scree slope

After angling up the slope, the south peak comes into view

We can see the mushroom rock on our left

Heading to the top of the gully

Near the top of the gully

Scrambling up

The crux is just around the corner on the left

Looking east at Bellevue Hill

The crux: traversing small ledges to the window

It's a long, slow traverse

Looking back at the traverse from the window

Dinah scrambles up to the window

I reached the window (mouse over to see the backside)

Left of the window, we ascended a chimney to the summit

Mount Crandell seen from the summit

Dinah starts down from the summit

Coming back down the ridge

82 H/4 Waterton Lakes

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