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Sofa Mountain
Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
July 3, 2010

Distance: 13.6 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1162 m

In choosing to climb Sofa Mountain this weekend, we were doubly fortunate. First, it appeared to be the only peak in Waterton that wasn't shrouded in low cloud, and second, a chance meeting had Dinah and I team up with other scramblers. Not only did we climb the only clear peak around, but we did so in fine company.

The trip began after Dinah and I parked at the trailhead when a car pulled up behind us. We all got out and after introductions – none of us had met before – we agreed to climb Sofa together. Siva, Jen and Tom, from Calgary Meetup, were in Waterton for the Canada Day long weekend. Tom, who had climbed Sofa before, suggested we do a loop: ascend the northeast ridge as per Andrew's route but descend the north ridge.

The hike up the easy trail, wooded at first, gave everyone a chance to become acquainted. But conversation faded when we reached the bottom of the grassy ascent ridge, and we saved our breath for the steep climb ahead. After climbing, the ridge flattened out before it rose again and hit steep rock. As Andrew says, here is excellent scrambling.

Straight off, we took a chimney on our left that led to easier terrain. That didn't last long as we were soon hauling ourselves up more steep rock. After crossing a rocky shoulder, we faced a buttress.

After scrambling up it, it left a walk to the summit. Because of low clouds, we couldn't view any nearby mountains. In fact, there was nothing to keep us on the top of Sofa for long. We headed back.

We turned onto the north ridge and followed it to the end. Inadvertently, we passed the weakness in the side of the ridge where we had planned to exit. Instead, we came off the end and scrambled down a steep but delightful gully. As we neared the bottom, we veered left, dropping down to the valley where we found the trail. We hiked back to our cars.

Dinah and I are certainly glad to have met Tom, Siva and Jen on Sofa Mountain. Because of them, we had more fun than we expected and came down an enjoyable descent route to boot.

KML and GPX Tracks

Our first clear view of Sofa Mountain (summit hidden)

We ascended the ridge on the right and descended the ridge on the left

We'll leave the trail soon and start up the end of the ridge

Hiking up the lower slopes

We passed a tiny window

After ascending the end of the ridge, a broad shoulder leads to steep rock

Closing in on the rock

Looking back along the ridge

Dinah scrambles up with Layla dogging her steps

Topping out of our first chimney

More steep rock above

And more scrambling

Our last scrambling section

Jen and Siva ascend another chimney

After reaching the ridge, the summit is two kilometres away

Walking on snow

Strolling along the ridge

Looking back

Nearing the summit

Me, Dinah, Tom, Siva, Jen and Layla by the summit cairn

Starting back

We headed to the north ridge

Chief Mountain

We checked out the east ridge but didn't have time to try it

Starting down

Looking for a way down the steep terrain below us

Below are narrow ledges and we tackled them one at a time

We popped out of a cliff band at different places (mouse over to view the other way)

We're at the top of a shallow gully

The grade eases

Well down the gully

As we round a corner lower section of the ascent ridge appears

We reached the rubble near the bottom. Ahead is the upper section of the ascent ridge.

Coming down the meadow

On the trail. The descent gully can be seen in the upper left.

Lower waterfall

82 H/4 Waterton Lakes

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