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A weather instrument prevented a full panorama

Lakeview Ridge, East Ridge
aka Horseshoe Mountain
Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
September 30, 2006

Distance: 13.2 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 800 m

With Dinah recovering from the flu, an extended trip was out of the question. We were going to climb Bellevue Hill in Waterton Park, but with four bears wandering around the trailhead, it didn't seem like a good idea. Looking around we decided to hike up Lakeview Ridge.

Lakeview Ridge is a horseshoe-shaped ridge north of Bellevue Hill; we ended up hiking the east arm of the ridge. The trailhead lies adjacent to the bison paddock, and after parking at the end of the road, we set off up the cutline. At some point, we knew we would have to leave the cutline and head towards the ridge. I was expecting to bushwhack, but where the cutline crosses Galwey Brook, we discovered a trail that took us to the ridge.

It was a beautiful day. The sky was clear, and everywhere were the vibrant colours of autumn. We complained only high on the ridge where strong winds threatened to blow us off.

After reaching the first high point, we continued along the ridge and around the bend to reach another high point, the highest on the east ridge. There was a weather instrument but no cairn. Beyond that was another high point, the highest point on Lakeview Ridge, but reaching it entailed losing 200 m. Unfortunately Dinah was beginning to tire, so we decided to abandon the ridge after reaching the second high point and turned back.

We hiked down a semi-open side ridge to the valley. As we descended we saw a moose in the valley, but it disappeared by the time we reached the valley bottom. We followed trails that skirted around the end of the ridge until we rejoined the trail we came in on.

Although our ridgewalk was not an impressive effort, it allowed us to take in the dazzling autumn scenery of Waterton. (In 2011 I returned to climb the West Ridge.)

KML and GPX Tracks

We ascended the high points (left and centre) of Lakeview Ridge as seen from the highway

The ridge seen from the cutline

Crossing a meadow as we made our way to the foot of the ridge

Bellevue Hill

The first high point appears ahead

The view behind shows fall colours

Mount Galwey on the left

Bellevue Hill

Approaching the end of the ridge

Looking back

On the skyline, a long ridge connects Mount Galwey to an unnamed peak

Mount Dungarvan

Looking down from the first high point to the ridge section we'll head to next

Coming down from the first point

Looking back at the first high point

The ridge curves left to the second high point

We came across some fissures on the ridge

Looking along a fissure

Some unusual rock formations

We start ascending to the second high point

Second high point on the left

Featureless landscape to the north

Looking at the first high point from the summit

Looking back from the valley to the second high point we reached. We followed the skyline ridge to the valley

Looks are deceiving: we're actually on a good trail

Back at the end of the ridge where we started our ascent

Here the trail lies under a canopy of yellow leaves

Back on the meadow. Chief Mountain in the middle

Hiking back on the cutline

Brilliant autumn leaves

82 H/4 Waterton Lakes

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