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Wasootch Ridge
Kananaskis, Alberta
September 8, 2012

Distance: 13.2 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1105 m

I would be exaggerating to say Wasootch Ridge has been a thorn in my side since our 2003 attempt, but it is vexing to fail a summit bid due to being ill-prepared: like forgetting to bring the route description. So now years later we set about rectifying that.

The hiking route for Wasootch sticks to the ridge crest only to depart from it half a kilometre before the summit. Competent, fearless scramblers can stick to the airy rock spine, while hikers, like we did, can follow the trail along its base. Dinah and I followed the route description and this time, we had no trouble reaching the top of Wasootch.

People aren't likely to put Wasootch Ridge at the top of their wish list and they may feel wistful after reaching a summit that's encircled by taller mountains, but they should find the journey to the top satisfying.

KML and GPX Tracks

On our way up to the ridge crest

Gaining the ridge crest

The summit point is well in the distance

As the trees thinned, the ridgewalk became more pleasant

Rock pinnacles on adjacent Porcupine Ridge

Coming up to 365447 where most people turn around (cairn on the skyline above Dinah)

After the cairn, the rock fin ahead is easily skirted on the left

Looking back

Dinah at one of the places by the rock fin where one can scramble down (mouse over)

On the other side of the fin

From the windbreak the trail drops down on the right side

Looking back after dropping down from the windbreak

The trail follows the base of the rock spine until just before summit

A cairn marks a notch around the corner where scramblers can regain the ridge (mouse over)

The trail goes around a buttress and ascends the ridge (mouse over to look back)

The summit lies ahead but trails on the left lead to the ridge crest

Climbing to the ridge

Looking back along the ridge

Heading to the summit

Looking back from the summit

The summit

The three peaks of Mount Baldy and Midnight Peak

Tiara Peak

Coming down from the summit we caught glimpses of a scrambler who
traversed the entire ridge from the windbreak (mouse over)

82 J/14 Spray Lakes

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