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Panorama from our turn-around point

Wasootch Ridge (attempt)
Kananaskis, Alberta
April 12, 2003

Up to a point, Wasootch Ridge is a hike, and according to the guidebook, most people turn back well before reaching the summit. We ended up being among those that turned back.

We followed the ridge until it became unsafe to traverse because of a snow-covered drop. However, had I taken the route description with me, we probably could have continued to the summit, only 500 m away. Somewhere before our turn-around point, it's possible to drop down and traverse to below the narrow ridge almost to the summit. From there the ascent is easy. We must come back to do the summit.

Soon after starting, the ridge drops and twists a bit

The ridge was easy to follow

Lichen brightens up an otherwise dull gray rock

Great scenery makes this an enjoyable ridgewalk

Looking back along an easy stretch

Trees began to thin as we climbed higher

Still lots of snow at higher elevations

These cliffs are among the highlights of the ridge

Looking back

We had to drop down from the crest here, but soon regained the ridge

When we got back on the crest, we found this pika waiting for us

This is as far as we got

I could see no way down

I checked the map, but what I needed was the route description!

Heading back

It's a long way back

82 J/14 Spray Lakes Reservoir

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