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aka Greycap

Red Rock Canyon NCA, Nevada
April 27, 2010

Once again, Dinah and I joined Shin and his friends Marianne and Andy to ascend a peak in Red Rock Canyon. Graycap isn't one of the higher peaks in the area but it's no slouch for scenery.

The route began at Calico Basin and wound its way around the base of Kraft Mountain before going to the top of Graycap. Nor did the trip end there. Shin took us down the other side of Graycap to Brownstone Wash to show us petroglyphs. After the petroglyphs, we climbed over a ridge and made our way back to the trailhead. To us, the route was a maze so we were grateful to have Shin guide us.

KML and GPX Tracks
Shin's Photos

After hiking to this point, we dropped down and climbed the white and red rocks ahead

Starting up the white rocks

Going along a ledge

We made our way up boulders

Andy prepares to climb through an opening

On the red rocks

Beautifully carved sandstone

Scrambling up

Lots of route-finding

Looking back at Kraft Mountain

A huge rock wall towers above Dinah and Shin. Graycap on the right.

Dinah scrambles up next to the rock wall

Dinah begins traversing a ledge

Shin led us to the twin tanks

The twin tanks below (mouse over) and Graycap above, right

Going around the twin tanks

Almost on the summit of Graycap

Flowering cactus

Group summit shot: Dinah, Me, Shin, Marianne and Andy

Heading down to the wash from Graycap

Looking back

Interesting rock before we reached the wash

We passed a cement dam wedged in a little canyon

Shin goes to inspect petroglyphs (mouse over)

More petroglyphs

On our way back, we climbed over a ridge. Graycap on the left.

More cool rock as we headed back

Black Swallowtail

Ahead we see Redcap aka Turtlehead Jr. in the distance

La Madre Mountain 1:24,000 Topo (6.6 mi, 5436 ft, 1686 ft)

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