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View from Bridge Mountain

Bridge Mountain and North Peak
Red Rock Canyon NCA, Nevada
April 24, 2010

When I emailed our friend Shin in Las Vegas for information on climbing Bridge Mountain, he took it a step further and offered to take Dinah and I up it. He also invited some of his friends: Malia, Jon, Jerry, Marianne and Andy.

There are a few approaches for Bridge Mountain, but Shin chose a less popular route whose trailhead is a few kilometres up Rocky Gap Road. The road is too rough for regular cars, but Jon and Jerry drove us up in their 4X4 vehicles.

After hiking up the road a short way, we left it to ascend a wash. After scrambling up the steep wash we reached the ridge crest. Here we got our first view of Bridge Mountain, although still far off. A long hike and plenty of downclimbing lay ahead before we arrived at the base of the summit, but not before losing nearly 200 m of elevation.

We scrambled up a crack in the rock face and then traversed left to reach the arch that gives the mountain its name. After going under the arch, we climbed to a high point before the summit. Much to everyone's amusement, Andy skinny dipped in a large tank below the summit.

After Andy's dip, we continued to the summit of Bridge Mountain. We lingered long under cobalt skies in warm weather before starting back. But en route we took a side trip to climb another peak. Although North Peak is a few metres higher than Bridge, it calls for a little effort since we had to regain 200 m to the ridge crest. Afterwards, Shin led us down a trail to the cars.

Bridge Mountain was everything Dinah and I expected and more. And we count ourselves fortunate to have climbed it in good company.

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Shin's Photos

MOVIE (posted on YouTube)

Dinah and I got a lift in Jerry's Hummer

After walking up the road a short distance, we dropped down on the left side

Going up the wash

Marianne helps Malia climb up while Dinah waits

Dinah hauls herself up

Looking back

Stopping to regroup

Continuing up the wash

Looking down the wash

We'll soon reach the ridge crest

After gaining the ridge we saw Bridge Mountain. A closer look (mouse over) shows the arch.

We need to go around a canyon (yellow rock) before we can go left to Bridge Mountain

Bridge Mountain is still some distance away

Lingering snow

Jon jumps down

Climbing down

More downclimbing (mouse over to look up)

Behind is the rock face we just descended

We'll ascend the vertical crack above Shin

Starting up the crack

Climbing alongside the crack

Looking down

Shin walked over the arch while the rest of us went under

Past the arch, we climbed up the left side

Looking down at the arch

Starting up from the arch

Andy skinny dips in a tank below the summit

Eying the summit

Descending towards the hidden forest

The final climb to the top of Bridge Mountain

L to R: Me, Dinah, Malia, Jon, Marianne, Shin, Andy and Jerry

Marianne stands on Andy's shoulders

Back at the arch

Heading back down the crack

Making our way to North Peak (above the girls)

North Peak is an easy climb

On North Peak

View from North Peak

La Madre Springs 1:24,000 Topo (7.1 mi, 7041 ft, 1745 ft)

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