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Turtlehead Peak
aka Turtlehead Mountain
Red Rock Canyon NCA, Nevada
April 13, 2009

Distance: 6.4 km (4.0 mi)
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 607 m (1991 ft

With an elevation gain of only 600 m over 3.2 km, Turtlehead Mountain is a quick trip with good views of nearby desert peaks. Beginning at Sandstone Quarry, the trail is wide and well-maintained as it crosses the flats, but once it starts to climb, it becomes narrower, rougher and splits into a few trails. The trail leads to a saddle and then turns right to ascend the backside of Turtlehead. This last section, from saddle to summit, looked easy but was steep and took longer than we expected. Although a popular and easy peak to ascend, we saw few people on the trail. But then it was a cool weekday.

KML and GPX Tracks

Starting up the trail, Turtlehead Mountain ahead

Skyrocket flowers

The good trail doesn't last long

To get a good look at Turtlehead, I scrambled up the sandstone rock on my right

From my perch, I had a good view of Turtlehead Mountain (mouse over)

Looking back

Looking back along the trail

Indian paintbrush

The route leads to the saddle and then runs up the backside of the mountain

There are a few trails but we took one on our right

Looking across the valley toward Bridge Mountain (mouse over)

North Peak lies north of Bridge Mountain (mouse over for a close-up of the summit)

White Rock Spring Peak

Interesting terrain near the saddle

Another view across the valley. Mount Wilson far right.

Ascending from the saddle. El Padre and Madre Mountain.

On our way to the summit

Hiking up the backside we passed an impressive cedar

The view north of Turtlehead Mountain

The colourful Calico Hills in the foreground

The summit

La Madre Mountain (4.0 mi, 6306 ft, 1991 ft)

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