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Sheep Mountain (attempt)
Livingstone Range
November 22, 2008

This trip was more of a reconnaissance than an attempt. Basically, we underestimated how long it would take given the amount of daylight we had. Routefinding cost us time and since we didn't want to risk bushwhacking back to the car after nightfall, we decided to abort our attempt and instead took the time to establish a good route. We also climbed an outlier east of our intended destination.

I thought this peak was unnamed but after reading a trip report on the Rocky Mountain Ramblers Association website, I learned it's called Sheep Mountain. It lies east of Coffin Mountain. They used a west approach from the forestry trunk road while we approached it from the east from Saddle Mountain Road. After studying the map, I determined a possible route which included bushwhacking, 4x4 roads and cutlines.

After a bad start, including going up the wrong drainage, things unfolded well. Determined not to make any more errors, we made frequent stops to check our bearings against the map. We were especially fortunate to come across a cutline, not on the map, that saved us a lot of bushwhacking.

After reaching the lower slopes of the outlier, we contoured around them to study a route up Sheep Mountain. Then we climbed the outlier. At 2046 m – 250 m below Sheep Mountain – the summit provided good views of the area.

On the return trip, we diverged slightly to do some exploring to improve our route; we shouldn't be slowed by routefinding when we return to climb Sheep Mountain. Fortunately this area enjoys an extended snow-free season, so we'll be back when the days are longer.

First we needed to climb over the intervening ridge ahead of us

From the ridge top: Sheep Mountain is partially hidden by the east outlier

Hiking down a road toward the outlier

Hiking on what appears to be a maintained road

This cutline, which we found by chance, saved us a lot of bushwhacking

We also stumbled upon this tiny lake which isn't on the map

After a short steep climb, we'll reach open slopes above us

Sheep Mountain lies ahead but we settled for climbing the outlier on our right

We could have ascended the outlier from here but we forged ahead to study a route up Sheep Mountain

Impressive cliffs east of Sheep Mountain

Dinah pauses to look at the mountain

We started up the outlier

Passing by a dead tree

Looking down the slope we ascended

We reached the broad slope below the summit. Horseshoe Ridge is in the background (mouse over).

We made our way to the summit

On the summit of the outlier

Saddle Mountain

Mount Livingstone

Heading back. Whaleback Ridge on the skyline.

We took advantage of a scree slope to hasten our descent

Last look at Sheep Mountain and the outlier as we ascended the intervening ridge on the way back

82 J/1 Langford Creek

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