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Cockscomb Mountain
Banff National Park, Alberta
August 14, 2006

After failing to reach the summit of Cockscomb Mountain nearly two years ago I returned to ascend the mountain solo. Following the same route (see Cockscomb Mountain attempt) I reached the rocky shoulder where we had turned around.

Continuing on, I thought I would encounter some difficulties either on the false summit or going to the true summit, but there were none. Cockscomb Mountain is an easy scramble. I roosted on the top of Cockscomb Mountain for half an hour where I was able to pick out over a dozen Kane peaks.

Despite lacking any real scrambling, I think Cockscomb Mountain is a worthwhile late-season trip, although I don't recommend bushwhacking out with headlamps! I had trouble enough in daylight.

KM Track

Typical traveling up Ranger Creek

After nearly two hours of hiking, the ascent ridge comes into view above me

The avalanche chute is hidden on the right

Coming out of the avalanche chute

Mount Isabelle, Mount Ball and Copper Mountain

The grade eases for a short ways. The false summit is above me.

Behind is Mount Ishbel

Closing in on the false summit. I was expecting some moderate scrambling here and put on my helmet. I needn't have bothered. It was a walk-up on the right side.

Leaving the false summit for the true summit

Interesting colours and patterns to the northwest

On the summit. Pilot Mountain is behind me.

82 O/4 Banff

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