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Copper Mountain
Banff National Park, Alberta
August 12, 2004

Copper Mountain is a long bike ride up Redearth fire road followed a relentlessly steep climb. Dinah and I mostly encountered open slopes; there was little scrambling along the way. We didn't come across any scree nor did we run into any obstacles. But other than starting up the huge avalanche slope as suggested, we had little idea where we were going. Much of the slope seemed to be a maze of gullies and low ridges. There were no landmarks and being in a gully, it was difficult to discern what lay ahead. But we just kept climbing and it worked out fine, and the paw-print bottom of the avalanche slope assured us we were in the right spot. We encountered no difficulties and returned the same way.

KML Track
MOVIE (posted on YouTube)

Our approximate route as seen from Mount Brett

We climbed the gully left of the strip of trees on the far right

Looking back is the obvious bottom of the avalanche slope

Above these rocks is another meadow (below)

The best scenery appears on the lower slopes

We're dwarfed by the striking cliffs on our left

Looking back down our ascent gully

Huge vertical slabs on our left

The avalanche slope with its distinctive shape at the bottom. Pilot Mountain behind us.

Higher up, we came to broad slopes

Finally the summit ridge is in sight

Final push to the ridge crest

The summit cairn and a stand of sorts

Castle Mountain

Heading back down

82 O/4 Banff

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