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View from Robertson Peak

Robertson and Tallon Peaks (South Approach)
Crowsnest Pass
March 29, 2003

We had intended to climb the south end of Livingstone Ridge, but deep snow hampered us so we decided to ascend two small nearby peaks instead. We parked in a parking lot next to a building shell, the remains of the Leitch Collieries, and headed to the south end of Livingstone Ridge. (This ridge is part of the Two Mine Trail.)

After ascending partway up the ridge, we dropped down 250 m on the east side and climbed up Robertson Peak which was mostly free of snow. From there, we followed a ridge southeast, losing 180 m in the process, to climb Tallon Peak, shorter than Robertson by 100 m. From Tallon Peak we headed south back to the car. The trip was largely an off-trail hike.

Despite being minor peaks, they offered great views and interesting landscapes. (I prefer the south approach but for the shorter east approach see our 2009 trip.)

Note: I have no GPS data for the first kilometre so that part of the route is approximate.

GPX and KML Tracks

Starting up a trail

We hit a patch of snow

Turtle Mountain

We do some scrambling on the ridge

After seeing dry slopes of Robertson Peak we leave the ridge to climb it

Livingstone Ridge

Ascending the talus slope of Robertson Peak

On the summit of Robertson Peak

Heading to Tallon Peak

On the summit of Tallon Peak

Some interesting rock on our descent

Passing through dead trees

More unusual landscape

Byron Hill in the background

82/G9 Blairmore

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