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Fletcher Peak
Spring Mountains, Nevada
October 5, 2014
Distance: 11.5 km (7.1 mi)
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 700 m (2297 ft)

Since temperatures were well above normal in Las Vegas (33C/91F) Dinah and I turned our attention west to the high peaks in the Spring Mountains and Fletcher Peak in particular. At over 3100 m, it's not among the highest in the range, but it would be cool enough. We were perfectly comfortable hiking in T-shirts for the entire trip.

We followed Jim Boone's route, hiking up the North Loop Trail before leaving it to ascend Fletcher Peak. Near the start, the trail swings by a viewpoint before climbing to a wooded high point where we caught our first close look at unimposing Fletcher Peak. The broad North Loop Trail heads to the south end of Mummy Mountain – Mummy's Toes – but we soon left it for the narrow side trail that leads to a rocky point. From there it's a short offtrail jaunt to the top of Fletcher Peak. Cloaked in trees, the summit is an unattractive place to linger; we preferred lounging on a nearby rocky point where I took a panorama.

We started back along the trail but made a short trip to see the Raintree, a bristlecone said to be 3,000 years old. A popular rest stop, we weren't surprised to see several hikers there. Then it was back down to the trailhead where we found a full parking lot. Although the North Loop Trail is popular, we were fortunate to have enjoyed the summit of Fletcher Peak in solitude.

KML and GPX Tracks

Fletcher Peak, seen from Lee Canyon Road, is dwarfed by Mummy Mountain

The trailhead

Passing a ponderosa pine

The trail climbs to a viewpoint

Looking back

Dinah relaxes in the shade of a dead tree on the viewpoint

Continuing up the trail

Mummy's Toes appears ahead

Fletcher Peak comes into view. Griffith Peak in the background.

Mummy's Toes uses the same approach as Fletcher Peak

Heading down to a saddle on the side trail

Looking southwest in the centre at Cockscomb Peak (mouse over for a close-up)

Fletcher Peak from the saddle

The trail is lined with gnarled, old bristlecone pines

Heading to the rocky point

On the rocky point

Angel Peak in the centre

We shared it with this red crossbill

Heading to the summit of Fletcher

The summit cairn sits left of Dinah on a log

Heading back

We found the old bristlecone trees fascinating


Dinah stands under Raintree

Mount Charleston (7.1 mi, 10269 ft, 1831 ft)

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