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Little Lougheed V
January 2, 2006

After four ascents of Little Lougheed, Dinah and I decided to share this winter gem with RMB forum members as a kick-off scramble for 2006. Along with familiar faces, we were glad to meet some new members for the first time.

Our group of ten started off under blue skies. A short tramp through the woods brought us to the edge of the boulder field. After getting past the boulder field we arrived on the ridge where traveling was a mere hike. About halfway up the mountain, a loud crack stopped us in our tracks and we turned to watch in awe as an avalanche came down the face of Mount Sparrowhawk.

Continuing on, we passed the treeline and slogged up talus slopes to the summit. After a pleasant stay on top, we proceeded back down. When we reached the knoll above the boulder field, most decided to try descending the length of the field. Given the hidden snow-covered holes in the rocks, it was not a risk-free task. A few would receive bruises before reaching the end of it. But we were all smiles when we returned to the cars.

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Our pauses on the boulder field

Working our way through the boulders

Looking back

JP, Raff, Jason, Kelly, Frank, Andrew, Pete, Vitto, and Dinah

Above the boulder field with the summit in sight

Mount Lougheed on our right

Looking back

Another view of Mount Lougheed

Avalanche off the north face of Mount Sparrowhawk

Avalanche movie (0:48)

Slogging through the snow to the summit. Andrew's camera never seems to leave his hand!

Minutes away from the summit. Mount Nestor on the right.

First peak of Mount Lougheed

Group shot taken on the summit

Lounging on the summit with Mount Sparrowhawk as a backdrop

JP and Dinah above the boulder field (mouse over for a close-up)

Reverse view, looking down at myself, Raff and Andrew

Raff skirts around a boulder that Andrew is perched on

Spray Lakes Reservoir sets the background on our descent

Pete, Frank and Vitto do some bouldering

Kelly, Andrew, Raff and myself as we near the end of the boulder field

We'll soon be back in the trees

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