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Little Lougheed III
Kananaskis, Alberta
May 4, 2004

After two winter ascents we returned to Little Lougheed in the spring. With little snow, the boulder field was easier to navigate and appeared more impressive. (See our 2001 trip for route details.)

Little Lougheed from the road

Starting up the boulder field

Passing boulders

We skirted the base of a cliff band; on the descent we followed the clifftop

It was easier to travel on the snow than the rocks

We passed an icicle

Clouds moved in

Looking at the valley

Sun came out

Ascending the open slope below the summit

The summit

There's still lots of ice on the lake

On top of Little Lougheed

On the descent we follow the clifftop (mouse over to zoom in on Dinah)

Looking northwest up the lake

Coming down a rock channel

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